Personal Belief, Practice, Satanism

Prayer to Volac

Just wanted to share a short prayer I made to Volac, in hopes he will aid me in the process of finding a job.

O Great Dragon Rider!
Of Mighty Serpents, the Father;
I come to you for I am in need
Of help, in order to succeed.

Many months I have tried.
Time after time I’ve been denied!
All efforts were in vain.
As I try over and over again.

Volac! You appeared before me
You told me to stand up as I tried to kneel.
May your appearance in the mist
Be proof that you’re here to assist.

I wrote this prayer as thanks after a successful summoning.

Volac appeared before me as a naked man riding a dark green dragon, two giant serpents at his sides. I explained him my situation and asked him to help me. He didn’t say a word, his facial expressions barely changing. He nodded at times, at other times he just stared at me while I spoke. After I thanked him for listening to my need, he just nodded and flew away (in an absolutely badass way).


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