Nature: A compilation of thoughts.

In my experience, both pagans and non-pagans have a “green” perception of nature. Nature for them means green fields or forests, full of local flora and fauna. Some say it’s the force behind all that is alive (generally this answer comes from people who believe most things are alive… I think they’re called Animists? Correct me if I’m wrong).

Environmentalists say that we have to “save“, “protect” or “preserve” nature.

Well. I think nature doesn’t need to be saved or preserved. I think all we can do is protect ourselves from self-destruction.

To understand my point of view, I think it’s important to note what I understand by “nature”.

Most people I know limit their vision of nature to flora and fauna. I think nature goes much farther.

All in this physical world is part of nature. Nature is the rotation of the galaxies. Nature is the scorching hot fusion of the sun. Nature is gravity not allowing oxygen to escape our planet, creating an atmosphere. Nature allows minerals to fuse together to create the alloys we use in our industry. Nature is the electricity that runs through our computers. Nature is what makes us die when we are old. Nature is what allows a low density object to float in more dense environments, like our boats in water or helium filled balloons.

We are in constant contact with nature. Our beds, TVs, cellphones… They all exist and work because nature allows it. Neon lights up when electricity runs through it because it’s a natural process. We, humans (or reptilians) are part of nature. All we do is possible thanks to nature, and makes part of it.

Nature is change, there’s nothing to preserve in it. Nature is movement. Nature is life and death.

Human activity is part of nature. And nature likes changes, even if these changes bring about death and destruction, nature will always find it’s way to create something new out of the ashes of what was before. It’s been like that since the world began.

Does Nature need worship? No. Does it deserve admiration? Maybe. I admire it, because there’s no stronger force in the universe.

What environmentalists are really trying to do is preserve and protect the human race. Or at least until we figure out how to survive Nature’s need for change.

We cannot kill nature. Nothing can. Nature will always mutate, change, and create new life or new stuff.

Also, I like meat. Thank you nature, for making meat a thing.