Deleted non-interesting posts.

I really plan on seriously coming back to this blog, making it alive again. So I decided to start somewhat anew and delete the old, uninteresting posts. I’ve gone through a lot this pay few months but I haven’t had the need to call otherworldly forces for assistance. I’ve decided to endure this period of hardships alone. But since it seems to be coming to an end, I’m coming slowly to a more ritualistic practice and I also want to submerge more in various occult practises and practical magic generally. For that I’m planning on buying some of the books listed in Venus Satanas‘ site’s bibliography.

If you have any books in practical magic you would recommend, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

P.S.: Here’s a photo of my altar’s latest configuration.



4 Comments on “Deleted non-interesting posts.”

  1. I have sometimes deleted posts that I have become ashamed of or see as meaningless.

  2. satanicviews says:

    In the North of this world it is Spring, so a good time for new things and new beginnings after burning away the old and dead.

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