The Modern Myth of Eostre (or: no, the Christians didn’t nick it from the Pagans)

It’s great to find people that try to debunk bullshit and lies. More people should find the sources of the information they’re given instead of just believing anything they’re told like the sheeps they are.

An Arkadian Path

Over on Patheos there’s a wonderful interview with an old friend of mine, Adrian Bott – better known online as Cavalorn. Cavalorn is a children’s author (responsible for, amongst other things, the Dan Hunter line of books), occult historian and the former proprietor of (the late, lamented) New Aeon Books in Manchester who has made a lifelong study of magic and paganism. He also writes and consults for tabletop and computer games and has appeared in a Channel 4 documentary about Rasputin, amongst other things.

Anyone who’s known Cavalorn for more than a year will know about his yearly rants on the subject of Eostre, debunking much of the commonly-held and incorrect beliefs about the Spring Equinox and how it relates (i.e. doesn’t) to Easter, particularly the commonly-held belief beloved of so many neo-pagans that Christians “stole” Easter. There is no definitive historical evidence that a goddess named Eostre…

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