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Updating The Pact.

The spring equinox marked a fairly important date in my life: it’s been exactly 6 years since I did my Dedication Ritual to my Gods.

Since then my views on life, my ultimate goal, and even my interpretation of what being a satanist means have changed. My practice of witchcraft and the occult have changed.  I’m no longer the same person I was 6 years ago. I’m stronger, wiser, more patient. Still lazy though.

Anyway, I feel it is necessary to make a new Pact with Satan and my other main gods once again to establish my current intent and beliefs before them. This could enhance my alliance with Satan further and mark a new episode in my life.

I plan on taking a couple of weeks to meditate about who I am right now and what do I want. I’m also, of course, going to write the Pact itself and make the competent preparations for the ritual. I hope Satan will be present with the same intense energy he made me feel back in 2009. It was not the last time I felt his energy but I haven’t seen Satan like I saw him back when I signed the dedication ritual.

That night, 2009’s spring equinox, when I used my own blood to sign the dedication, I felt his energy surround me. It was so intense I could see the bright electric red mist all around me. Unlike other demos, Satan choses not to have a creature-like manifastation, but instead he shows himself as this powerful red mist of pure energy.

I want to see you again, Satan.


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