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It could be an interesting experience to take a lot of against-the-flow-thinking people like Satanists and put them to talk together. I expect either massive debates and discussions with intricate arguments, or total inactivity.

I joined, there’s not much people, the site is fairly new, but I deem it could be interesting if YOU (fellow Satanist) register and take a tiny itty bit of your time to participate in the subjects (once there are some)


Who is Satan? A closer look to my personal pantheon.

I am part of the Satanists that believe Satan is Enki. But it goes further than that.

I am not an ideological fanatic like Joy of Satan kind of Satanists are. I don’t despise nor hate Christians. In fact, I pity the Catholic Church for failing so miserably at attempting to prevent humanity to reach their godhood. I would not go and say that Christians stole Sumerian concepts and mythos, but they sure got a good deep breath of inspiration from it.

There is clearly a correlation between some of the things that happen in the Bible and things written in the old Sumerian Tablets.This and a lot of UPG showed me there are quite high chances that things we find in the Bible are reinterpretations/modifications/distortions on things found written on the Sumerian tablets.

And when looking closely we can find certain resemblance between Enki and Satan, and some of God’s actions seem to copy some of Enlil’s action. Which is problematic, as my UPG leads me to believe Enlil is Beelzebub. Then again God’s actions are inspired from myriad mythologies from all around the world, and that is why maybe he is so incoherent and full of contradiction.

My pantheon is formed as following:

Satan (Enki), Beelzebub (Enlil), Ashtaroth (Inanna) and Azazel (Shamash) are my 4 main Gods. I come to them when I’m in need of enlightenment in important areas of my life or when I’m in deep shit.

I am not a worshipper. I don’t worship. My relationship with my Gods is of mutual respect, and certainly admiration. I am thankful to them. Loyalty, sure. But devotion and adoration? No. I have nothing against worship, adoration and devotion. But I don’t feel them. I feel like a brother to the Gods. A tiny young brother. And if Azazel’s words are true, I’m far from wrong. I am a God, just like them, I’m just far from reaching my soul’s full potential. And perhaps I won’t reach it in this life, but in subsequent ones.

Then there’s the “lesser” Gods. And they’re not “lesser” to me, since they have helped me immensely in my life and path.

My two protector demons are Orobas and Haures. During ritual I keep their two sigils close so I can more easily call upon them in case I need some kind of protection. Fortunately this has not happened yet.

There’s a demon I’ve took a (social) liking to, he is Raum. We communicate regularly. He’s the only Demon whose voice I can hear so clearly that it feels I’m talking with another human being in front of me.

Is there a hierarchy among my Gods? Maybe. My four main Gods don’t seem to be governors, but rather… References. They are more powerful than most other demons, though there are a few at their level. There is no real need for hierarchy in the other planes of existence. Things work very differently there and we can get glimpses of that world through OBE and Astral Projection.

They are simply the demons that are the most concerned about humanity’s sake, as they see us as one of them. Their world is full of ancient spirits that have been there for aeons. They look forward to have new Gods roaming around the Astral plane.

On a side note: I completed a consecration ritual for the gong, and during the ritual my Gods instructed me to name it “Falhim”. I have never heard of Gods naming the practitioner’s tools! Maybe this gong is going to have more use than I expected it to have.

New element in my altar: Music / Sound + Can’t do witchcraft for a while.


It’s some kind of gong I found in rather curious circumstances. I spent about an hour trying to polish it.

As you might have noticed, I don’t have any devotional object in my altar. It’s a purely functional altar that serves me for rituals, spells, divitantion and witchcraft in general. I don’t like having objects thst represent my Gods, unless the object can serve as a functional tool during practice (sigils, seals or self made pictures for visualisation).

It’s been a good while since I last did a ritual. I just can’t get in the right state of mind with my father in the house. He is draining. He expells an aura of negativity, preconceptions, shame. I pity the poor man. He lost it all, and it’s mostly not entirely his fault. He is old and alone even though we live together. I would like him to be happier, but I have trouble piercing that thick depressive skull of his.
But his negativity prevents me from practicing witchcraft and energy work or even meditation. The only moments I can do these things in peace it’s when he’s not in the apartment. And that doesn’t happen often.

I still haven’t been able to plan out my new pact with Satan and my other Gods. (and hoping they will agree with the new terms of our alliance). Work,  and my father are draining me way too much of my mental, physical, and spiritual energy.

Response to Lady Beltane’s e-mail.


I was in a Satanic coven in the late 1970’s when I was 19 and all forms of Witchcraft were very different then they are today. So I was not just claiming to be in one I WAS IN ONE. Yes the over all other things Satanist are out for self satisfaction, to be a rebel to be a loner. But whether you want to think so or not there are still Satanic covens today. Yes most of them come together and practice the dark arts of The Craft which can make them dangerous. This is the reason I left the coven as I would rather walk in the light then try to find my way in darkness. Stereotyping of Satanist is left over from my time as a teen and what the word represented-Covens doing dark Magick. Which is not right. I hope your blog goes along way to educating people on what Satanism is in the 21st century. I would have put this all in a comment on your blog but saw no place to make comments so feel free to quote me if you’d like.

Peace, Love and Blessings,

Lady Beltane
First of all, sorry for the late answer!
It’s not that I do not believe you. It’s just that any claim made without proof stays a claim. Since you were in a Satanic coven during the late seventies I’m going to assume (correct me if I’m wrong) you were in a LaVeyan Satanist coven. Theistic Satanists are not necessarily loners. But our spiritual practice is deeply personal and our relationships with our Gods/Demons are individual.
Indeed things have changed in today’s Satanism for both good and bad. But you are you to decide what is right or wrong? Magic has to be practised in both sides and everything that’s in between. In fact I don’t believe there are sides to magic. Magic is more complex than it seems. Magic isn’t good or bad, right or wrong, dark or light. Magic is just that: an essence of pure energy. It’s up to us to decide how we use it and for what end.
Satanism today is a quest for many things: Power, control, but also love, enlightenment and understanding. And we do not hesitate to use any form of magic or even everyday actions to reach our goals. But most certainly Satanism has become truer to its egocentric nature, therefore modern practitioners can gather to practice witchcraft, but not Satanism.
War, Hate, and Curses (lol)

Magickal Definitions and Why Your Spell Doesn’t Work

Change starts from within. Mastering oneself is the first step to mastering your surroundings.

My Relationship with Demons/Gods

Contacting Demons and other otherworldly beings is part of most Satanists that practice witchcraft in a regular basis. And while some believe these demons are part of our own mind, me and the other polytheist Satanists believe they are in fact separate entities with their own personalities.

The first demon I contacted was Raum. At first I used a pendulum over his sigil to allow him to take control of the pendulum. It worked pretty well. After a while, I started to use the pendulum as simply a bridge between our thoughts, so we could communicate through indirect telepathy. Raum is the only Demon I’ve seen physically. He appeared before me as a short man. Light skin, deep black hair. He wore a ram’s skull over his head (he seemed able to pull it down and it would be a mask, but I’m not so sure). he had wings with black and white feathers, much like a zebra’s skin. Raum doesn’t speak with a voice. I receive his thoughts directly. I know what he means without using the language system. He communicates through ideas. I consider Raum as a friend.

When Azazel came to me during my dream, he appeared as a silhouette made of light and music. I could see the music emanating from him. He talked with a slow, soft yet firm voice. His word choice was eloquent as well. After that, Azazel no longer appeared physically to me, but his presence and voice remain the same. Azazel for me is like a mentor. I come to him when I need help with my music, or just artistic introspection in general.

Volac is another demon I contacted once. He appeared before me as man riding a huge golden dragon with 2 heads. I treated him with respect and courtesy. He never replied, never talked. After my request was over and I thanked him, he flew away. In the end he doesn’t seem to have taken any action. Maybe he didn’t like me or my request, maybe I offended him in some way.

Ashtaroth answered my call only once or twice. I just remember her presence, and as Raum, communicates with ideas.

I have only contacted Beelzebub once. He is a very nice God, always trying to impart knowledge. He communicates by talking, but can also transmit ideas, images, thoughts, etc. He is very wise and would like everyone to be as wise as him.

The only time I felt Satan’s presence was when I did my dedication ritual. Red mist, powerful presence. I felt his power, and it was very intense. Satan for me is like a goal. Someone I want to become one day. A master of myself and my surroundings. Ruler of my own fate.

Some people love their gods. It is not the case for me. I don’t feel this love everyone feels for their gods. But I sure as hell admire them a lot. I have the soul of a God, and I intend to make my life here in Earth worthy of the soul I bear. Deep inside I am like them.

How I became a Satanist: Azazel, The Sun Demon.

So I guess it was time I told you guys how I became a Satanist.

I come for a Christian family. My dad’s side Catholic, my mother’s side Evangelist. Catholic family members weren’t too keen on practice or church going. You know, just have one small cross hanging near the door, some of them had cross necklaces, and sometimes pray before going to sleep. My Evangelist side was involved in more practice. Church every Sunday and stuff of the likes. My aunt was the president of the Evangelist congregation of the city.

Me? I was the little boy in the church that played with his GameBoy during mass. My mother wasn’t particularly religious so she didn’t care much. At about 9 years old I said I didn’t want to go to church any more. And my mother was ok with that. So I kind of became an atheist. Then at 14 years old I had an amazing dream. It was more than a dream, it was a vision.

Azazel visited me in my mind during my sleep. He showed me bits and pieces of previous lives. He told me I was bound to achieve great things, and that I had the soul of a God inside me. That anything I wanted, I could have it. He told me to gain knowledge and make my soul grow more powerful by “searching where no one ever dares to even look at”.

After that, researching, I stumbled across occultism, and looking for more information on Azazel, I found Satanism through the infamous Joy of Satan website. From there I took what I liked and what I did not, I threw away. Little by little; the more I understood Satanism, the more I felt drawn to it. The more it seemed to me the best path, since it was a path I made myself for myself.

I started practising some basic some basic witchcraft. The results were astounding. At that time I believed Azazel more than ever: I have the soul of a God. I could control my surroundings and those around me. Not only through witchcraft, but with more mundane methods as well. That’s why, for me, the divine and spiritual is of equal importance than the mundane and material. Then I did my dedication ritual, March 20th 2009.

The dedication ritual was an amazing experience. I finally was able to feel Satan and his power surrounding me. He was there in only a fraction of his full being, and even so it felt incredibly powerful.

My experience with Demons is somewhat varied. There is a specific demon I contacted regularly for money needs, Raum. I can tell you a lot of things about Raum, our conversations being lengthy and Raum itself being either very talkative or not being in the mood for it. Raum was a human, but the only thing he can remember is dying in a fire he started himself to kill his abusive parents. The hatred and rage was consumed in his own flames. The power of that hatred was such that upon death, his strong emotions ascended his soul into that of a demon. He took a liking of helping people get money.

I contacted Azazel many times, as he is a patron demon for artists and specifically musicians. Since the dream though, he has been very quiet. I guess he told me what he had to tell me. He has helped me become a somewhat good singer in very little time.

Many demons though, don’t answer the call. Raum says that lower ranked demons aren’t powerful enough to either answer many calls at the same time, or sometimes don’t want to help for X or Y reason. Demons have almost human-like personalities. Or at least most of the lesser demons. I’ve had issues contacting Ashtaroth also, not many successful summons. Apparently she is a very busy Goddess, but I ignore how demonic society works. Beelzebub is a very old God, very far away from a human-like personality. He is amused by how our society works, he finds it “primitive and illogical”. However he is convinced Truth and Reason will slowly emerge and our society will advance, even at a slow pace.

I never contact Satan himself, because I want to prove to him that Azazel was right, and I can be as powerful as a God. As powerful as Satan himself. The only time I contacted him was not long ago. It was an emergency: It had been a year since I started looking for a job. I had no more money, nothing to eat. And all it took was a prayer. A frigging prayer. No ritual, no formalities. I simply on my knees before my altar and said “Satan, please. Help me find a job. I need it now more than ever.” Two days later I got a call for a job. No interview, no nothing. Directly to be hired.

That’s when I retook this blog and started posting again.

Fucking hell, Satan, I still got a frigging long way to go to be like you.