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How I became a Satanist: Azazel, The Sun Demon.

So I guess it was time I told you guys how I became a Satanist.

I come for a Christian family. My dad’s side Catholic, my mother’s side Evangelist. Catholic family members weren’t too keen on practice or church going. You know, just have one small cross hanging near the door, some of them had cross necklaces, and sometimes pray before going to sleep. My Evangelist side was involved in more practice. Church every Sunday and stuff of the likes. My aunt was the president of the Evangelist congregation of the city.

Me? I was the little boy in the church that played with his GameBoy during mass. My mother wasn’t particularly religious so she didn’t care much. At about 9 years old I said I didn’t want to go to church any more. And my mother was ok with that. So I kind of became an atheist. Then at 14 years old I had an amazing dream. It was more than a dream, it was a vision.

Azazel visited me in my mind during my sleep. He showed me bits and pieces of previous lives. He told me I was bound to achieve great things, and that I had the soul of a God inside me. That anything I wanted, I could have it. He told me to gain knowledge and make my soul grow more powerful by “searching where no one ever dares to even look at”.

After that, researching, I stumbled across occultism, and looking for more information on Azazel, I found Satanism through the infamous Joy of Satan website. From there I took what I liked and what I did not, I threw away. Little by little; the more I understood Satanism, the more I felt drawn to it. The more it seemed to me the best path, since it was a path I made myself for myself.

I started practising some basic some basic witchcraft. The results were astounding. At that time I believed Azazel more than ever: I have the soul of a God. I could control my surroundings and those around me. Not only through witchcraft, but with more mundane methods as well. That’s why, for me, the divine and spiritual is of equal importance than the mundane and material. Then I did my dedication ritual, March 20th 2009.

The dedication ritual was an amazing experience. I finally was able to feel Satan and his power surrounding me. He was there in only a fraction of his full being, and even so it felt incredibly powerful.

My experience with Demons is somewhat varied. There is a specific demon I contacted regularly for money needs, Raum. I can tell you a lot of things about Raum, our conversations being lengthy and Raum itself being either very talkative or not being in the mood for it. Raum was a human, but the only thing he can remember is dying in a fire he started himself to kill his abusive parents. The hatred and rage was consumed in his own flames. The power of that hatred was such that upon death, his strong emotions ascended his soul into that of a demon. He took a liking of helping people get money.

I contacted Azazel many times, as he is a patron demon for artists and specifically musicians. Since the dream though, he has been very quiet. I guess he told me what he had to tell me. He has helped me become a somewhat good singer in very little time.

Many demons though, don’t answer the call. Raum says that lower ranked demons aren’t powerful enough to either answer many calls at the same time, or sometimes don’t want to help for X or Y reason. Demons have almost human-like personalities. Or at least most of the lesser demons. I’ve had issues contacting Ashtaroth also, not many successful summons. Apparently she is a very busy Goddess, but I ignore how demonic society works. Beelzebub is a very old God, very far away from a human-like personality. He is amused by how our society works, he finds it “primitive and illogical”. However he is convinced Truth and Reason will slowly emerge and our society will advance, even at a slow pace.

I never contact Satan himself, because I want to prove to him that Azazel was right, and I can be as powerful as a God. As powerful as Satan himself. The only time I contacted him was not long ago. It was an emergency: It had been a year since I started looking for a job. I had no more money, nothing to eat. And all it took was a prayer. A frigging prayer. No ritual, no formalities. I simply on my knees before my altar and said “Satan, please. Help me find a job. I need it now more than ever.” Two days later I got a call for a job. No interview, no nothing. Directly to be hired.

That’s when I retook this blog and started posting again.

Fucking hell, Satan, I still got a frigging long way to go to be like you.


13 thoughts on “How I became a Satanist: Azazel, The Sun Demon.”

  1. I am starting my journey in Satanism and I love hearing about other people’s experiences with Satan. To tell the truth, I really admire Lord Satan and his Demons. Despite all the endless slander they receive from enemies, they are strong, resilient, caring, and powerful. I want to help Satan in the best ways I can . I am also very interested in Azazel (along with MANY other Demons). I loved reading this.
    Dark Blessings,

  2. I’m grateful to find your blog as I’ve been having this thought of Azazel years back but I put it aside now it came back again and been searching on the net about him and I landed here, lol.

  3. Your story is conficting to me.. obviously you are human ..and yet you said you have access to these “demons”..but yet why would you be stuck broke and without money or a job.. wouldn’t that be the first reason for invocation of a have money..but yet you only waited untill you were poor before asking for such things..seems like bullshit to offense but I see things for what they are ..don’t get me wrong.i wholeheartedly believe in the spirit realm..more than I want too..but we live in a reality that requires considerable amount s of energy to you had the power to have money provided to you through the evocation of a sprint..why wouldn’t that be your first I’m pretty certain it would be the very first things anyone would be asking for my experience that’s what I’ve seen anyway..

    1. Thank you for your comment. Of course I am a human, but that is not conflicting with being also part of the divine. I can indeed contact these demons, but they not always agree to work with me. And when they do, well, demons (and spirits in general) work in subtle ways. They don’t have direct influence in this world, but can rather subtly change variables that will play in my favor.

      I’ve been always poor. And that’s not a problem to me. When I decided to use demon’s help and magic in order to get myself out of poverty was when I had not enough to eat. I should have made preemptive efforts in order to avoid getting to that point, but I’m still young and make mistakes.

      Spirits will never give you money, but they will help in a way that I get more opportunties to obtain them by my means.

      I ask for enlightment and opportunities. And I have been given both. It just takes time for these subtle forces to have palpable results, and you never know if the magic actually worked, or if it was coincidence or whatever. That is the gamble of using magic as a way to aid oneself with life’s difficulties. Again, I don’t care about money. I just need enough money to eat, play some videogames here and there, and play my music. And right know I’ve got more than enough. This post was written in 2015, more than two years ago, and I’ve come a long way from there. I’m winning more money, saving some for later, when I might need to buy more expensive gear for my professional projects, but at the time I am in a fairly comfortable position.

      Spirits, demons, whatever, don’t give money. They don’t have any, and they don’t have need for it.

  4. Not sure if you are still a Satanist but I DO HAVE contact with Satan who is Ares HIMSELF AS well as Azazel. Satan told me of how he was locked up for a thousand years, Azazel said 2000. I have also met Archangel Michael AND Lucifer who is Awesome. Lucifer said Thou shalt have no other gods before me quoting god and refusing to bow to the clay man Adam as Michael followed God. They alert heaven and some were punished because god told Angel’s to kill others. I was involved within the War thus a God erased my memory. They call me many names like Eve and lilith.

    1. Well, in my own UPG, Azazel and Satan are different entities, never heard of Ares on my pantheon (though he could easily be in relation to some other demon). Satan, and Beelzebub have both told me abrahamic theology is fake and made-up, there is no abrahamic god other than the amorphous thoughtform created by its believers, and angels are just these spirits that have been the vehicle for such atrocities. Heaven nor “Hell” (in the classic sense of hell) really exist. I cannot help you with your erased memory. This is an interesting situation though, for your UPG contradicts mine. Your contact with Satan and demons are clearly Abrahamic-based. Who is right? Who is wrong?

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