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My Relationship with Demons/Gods

Contacting Demons and other otherworldly beings is part of most Satanists that practice witchcraft in a regular basis. And while some believe these demons are part of our own mind, me and the other polytheist Satanists believe they are in fact separate entities with their own personalities.

The first demon I contacted was Raum. At first I used a pendulum over his sigil to allow him to take control of the pendulum. It worked pretty well. After a while, I started to use the pendulum as simply a bridge between our thoughts, so we could communicate through indirect telepathy. Raum is the only Demon I’ve seen physically. He appeared before me as a short man. Light skin, deep black hair. He wore a ram’s skull over his head (he seemed able to pull it down and it would be a mask, but I’m not so sure). he had wings with black and white feathers, much like a zebra’s skin. Raum doesn’t speak with a voice. I receive his thoughts directly. I know what he means without using the language system. He communicates through ideas. I consider Raum as a friend.

When Azazel came to me during my dream, he appeared as a silhouette made of light and music. I could see the music emanating from him. He talked with a slow, soft yet firm voice. His word choice was eloquent as well. After that, Azazel no longer appeared physically to me, but his presence and voice remain the same. Azazel for me is like a mentor. I come to him when I need help with my music, or just artistic introspection in general.

Volac is another demon I contacted once. He appeared before me as man riding a huge golden dragon with 2 heads. I treated him with respect and courtesy. He never replied, never talked. After my request was over and I thanked him, he flew away. In the end he doesn’t seem to have taken any action. Maybe he didn’t like me or my request, maybe I offended him in some way.

Ashtaroth answered my call only once or twice. I just remember her presence, and as Raum, communicates with ideas.

I have only contacted Beelzebub once. He is a very nice God, always trying to impart knowledge. He communicates by talking, but can also transmit ideas, images, thoughts, etc. He is very wise and would like everyone to be as wise as him.

The only time I felt Satan’s presence was when I did my dedication ritual. Red mist, powerful presence. I felt his power, and it was very intense. Satan for me is like a goal. Someone I want to become one day. A master of myself and my surroundings. Ruler of my own fate.

Some people love their gods. It is not the case for me. I don’t feel this love everyone feels for their gods. But I sure as hell admire them a lot. I have the soul of a God, and I intend to make my life here in Earth worthy of the soul I bear. Deep inside I am like them.


4 thoughts on “My Relationship with Demons/Gods”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Sean. With a polytheistic relation to gods, I used to advise people to initially get to know their mythology, artistic depictions etc, but especially mythology, and see who you are drawn to, which gods strike a chord with you, which you feel a connection with etc. For demons, what are the best sources you would advise people to go to, in order to learn about them, and which demons you might make a fruitful relationship with?

    1. There’s no better way to get to know a Demon than contacting him directly. The name is usually enough to invoke a Demon, though a sigil or symbol can help. Those are easy to find in old grimoires, but be aware that the evocation technique depicted in those grimoires are from a Judeo-Christian stand – point. Therefore using the techniques on those grimoires is disrespectful to the demon in question. Use more respectful invocation techniques when using the info about demons of those grimoires. The lesser key of Solomon is grearly known for it’s demon list with sigils and a (usually erroneous) description of the demon. But the sigils are useful. There are also demons unknown to man, so just asking for a demon to come to you might bring about an unknown demon. You can also ask Demons for other demon names.

      1. thanks Sean – everything seems to come down to the direct experience, and I’ve always told people to trust their experience, and not take notice of the people who say “no, you can’t do it that way, X isn’t like that, it’s not traditional, the lore says Y, the god would never etc”. It’s between you and the entity for me. Good to know about your assessment of the usefulness of sigils. The point re disrespectfulness of the Judeo-Christian methods is well noted, and makes complete sense to me also. Thanks again.

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