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New element in my altar: Music / Sound + Can’t do witchcraft for a while.


It’s some kind of gong I found in rather curious circumstances. I spent about an hour trying to polish it.

As you might have noticed, I don’t have any devotional object in my altar. It’s a purely functional altar that serves me for rituals, spells, divitantion and witchcraft in general. I don’t like having objects thst represent my Gods, unless the object can serve as a functional tool during practice (sigils, seals or self made pictures for visualisation).

It’s been a good while since I last did a ritual. I just can’t get in the right state of mind with my father in the house. He is draining. He expells an aura of negativity, preconceptions, shame. I pity the poor man. He lost it all, and it’s mostly not entirely his fault. He is old and alone even though we live together. I would like him to be happier, but I have trouble piercing that thick depressive skull of his.
But his negativity prevents me from practicing witchcraft and energy work or even meditation. The only moments I can do these things in peace it’s when he’s not in the apartment. And that doesn’t happen often.

I still haven’t been able to plan out my new pact with Satan and my other Gods. (and hoping they will agree with the new terms of our alliance). Work,  and my father are draining me way too much of my mental, physical, and spiritual energy.


4 thoughts on “New element in my altar: Music / Sound + Can’t do witchcraft for a while.”

  1. I hope you can find a workaround, to have some space that you can work in and banish the influence of the negativity. Gong is cool!

    1. sometimes things like sage and smudging can help – I know it sounds a bit new age, but it does shift the energy, and maybe that would be enough to clear a small space, and maybe if you can do that consistently it will even have a knock on lightening effect on your father

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