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Who is Satan? A closer look to my personal pantheon.

I am part of the Satanists that believe Satan is Enki. But it goes further than that.

I am not an ideological fanatic like Joy of Satan kind of Satanists are. I don’t despise nor hate Christians. In fact, I pity the Catholic Church for failing so miserably at attempting to prevent humanity to reach their godhood. I would not go and say that Christians stole Sumerian concepts and mythos, but they sure got a good deep breath of inspiration from it.

There is clearly a correlation between some of the things that happen in the Bible and things written in the old Sumerian Tablets.This and a lot of UPG showed me there are quite high chances that things we find in the Bible are reinterpretations/modifications/distortions on things found written on the Sumerian tablets.

And when looking closely we can find certain resemblance between Enki and Satan, and some of God’s actions seem to copy some of Enlil’s action. Which is problematic, as my UPG leads me to believe Enlil is Beelzebub. Then again God’s actions are inspired from myriad mythologies from all around the world, and that is why maybe he is so incoherent and full of contradiction.

My pantheon is formed as following:

Satan (Enki), Beelzebub (Enlil), Ashtaroth (Inanna) and Azazel (Shamash) are my 4 main Gods. I come to them when I’m in need of enlightenment in important areas of my life or when I’m in deep shit.

I am not a worshipper. I don’t worship. My relationship with my Gods is of mutual respect, and certainly admiration. I am thankful to them. Loyalty, sure. But devotion and adoration? No. I have nothing against worship, adoration and devotion. But I don’t feel them. I feel like a brother to the Gods. A tiny young brother. And if Azazel’s words are true, I’m far from wrong. I am a God, just like them, I’m just far from reaching my soul’s full potential. And perhaps I won’t reach it in this life, but in subsequent ones.

Then there’s the “lesser” Gods. And they’re not “lesser” to me, since they have helped me immensely in my life and path.

My two protector demons are Orobas and Haures. During ritual I keep their two sigils close so I can more easily call upon them in case I need some kind of protection. Fortunately this has not happened yet.

There’s a demon I’ve took a (social) liking to, he is Raum. We communicate regularly. He’s the only Demon whose voice I can hear so clearly that it feels I’m talking with another human being in front of me.

Is there a hierarchy among my Gods? Maybe. My four main Gods don’t seem to be governors, but rather… References. They are more powerful than most other demons, though there are a few at their level. There is no real need for hierarchy in the other planes of existence. Things work very differently there and we can get glimpses of that world through OBE and Astral Projection.

They are simply the demons that are the most concerned about humanity’s sake, as they see us as one of them. Their world is full of ancient spirits that have been there for aeons. They look forward to have new Gods roaming around the Astral plane.

On a side note: I completed a consecration ritual for the gong, and during the ritual my Gods instructed me to name it “Falhim”. I have never heard of Gods naming the practitioner’s tools! Maybe this gong is going to have more use than I expected it to have.


2 thoughts on “Who is Satan? A closer look to my personal pantheon.”

  1. Thanks for this, it’s great to see how other people practice and experience things.

    I remember many years ago reading The Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant, and him saying that Crowley was reviving the Sumerian mysteries, and as soon as he referred to Sumer something really clicked with me.

    Crowley refers at different times to Set and to Set-Shaitan, and also to Satan (or Satan-Sun), and there was the sense from Grant that Crowley took The Bible to contain distorted, fun-house hall of mirrors versions of much older teachings.

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