Should Satanists Indoctrinate their own kids?


1 thought on “Should Satanists Indoctrinate their own kids?”

  1. I don’t agree with indoctrinating children into a religion. As a parent you will teach them all kinds of things, including boundaries and ethical guidance, and that can all be encompassed within a humanistic framework. You don’t have to hide your beliefs, not at all, but I think children should know that they will one day be old enough to make up their own minds for themselves on what they do or don’t believe, and on the ethical framework they determine for themselves. Children are not mature enough to live without protection or guidance, but religion need play no overt role on that, certainly not in them being expected to be part of religion. I view the Left Hand Path as being about attaining maturity and independence, and children are not capable of that. You prepare them for life as best you can, that’s it.

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