Let the stupid destroy themselves


There has been a recent reblogging by LHPers of this article calling for people of the LHP to save the world.  I laughed.

One of my colleagues on Twitter, Joseph Magnuson of Candlesmoke Chapel, made a few tweets over the past few hours that struck a nerve with me describing a general reluctance for magicians and spiritually-minded people to get involved with politics, legal affairs, and current events…

…They see it as beneath them, considering the news to be “a set up to keep us from manifesting the best reality for us”, and that “spiritual people know better than to get caught up in the illusions”…

…It’s your duty to do your part either as part of the system or as an infiltrator into it…

I read the news, but I do nothing. The news follows the pattern, stupid people do stupid things, repeat. All the problems of this…

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Satanic Obsession.

I’m becoming more and more obsessed with being an adversary, an opposer. The Satan inside me pushes me to constantly question and contradict everything. I cannot read something without thinking “well that might not be true”.

This is both positive and negative:

The positive:

Being often faced with opportunities to oppose something that is preconceived as true/good/correct has enhanced my rhetoric and thought process over the years. It has taught me to take care of having hermetically constructed arguments. It has taught me to think a lot, to think for myself and to make abstraction of all preconceived things. It has heightened my understanding of the nature of truth itself.

I’m also more open-minded and critically thinking than I was before. I’ll accept any idea if you are able to prove it’s true (and I can’t respond/contradict it).

The negative:

I’m obsessed with opposing everything. I am in most cases unable to hear or read a statement/fact without at some point trying to question its veracity (unless it’s out of my knowledge area). This has cost me a lot during social encounters. I cannot hold a conversation without turning it into a debate; this causes people to end the conversation quickly, as a debates are not usually welcomed by casual encounters. This is the source of much frustration. From a social point of view, it is frustrating as I just killed a conversation. And from a adversarial point of view, it is frustrating as well as it became a one sided way-too-short debate without any real outcome.

On top of that none of my old friends want to hold debates with me any more since “I’m always right”. Which is not necessarily true, but I surely have better ways to present my arguments than them, as I’m faced with that all day, but they aren’t.

It also becomes increasingly frustrating to be really ignorant when it comes to scientific matters. I’m far from knowing stuff in science, which is utterly necessary for someone who likes debates.

On a final note, I admit that I rather have debates than post things on this blog. But the former doesn’t happen as often as I would like it to.

I call this the Satanic Obsession as it is Satanic to be adversarial, to be an opposer, but it has become obsessive: it enhances my intellect, but damages my social life.

Ecology and human nature.

I’ve wanted to talk about this subject for a long time now.

This post is somewhat of a sequel to Nature: A compilation of thoughts. It is kinda necessary to read it in order to understand what I’m talking about here.

Ecology is the relationship between organisms and their environment. Being “eco-logic” technically means having a correct relationship with your (natural) environment. But what is correct anyway? Why would be decreasing our CO2 emissions correct? Why is reducing deforestation correct? How can we define what is a correct behaviour to our environment? Saving ourselves by “saving the planet” seems hypocritically anthropocentric coming from people claiming to love nature.

The planet, nature, as most things in the universe, is cyclical. And as all things cycles have an end. And this is one of my critics against ecology: By “preserving” the ecosystem, you are hindering it’s cyclical characteristic, which in turn is anti-natural.

Being in harmony with nature would mean sticking to your biological needs: eating, sleeping, fucking (to perpetrate the species). There’s not more to it. There’s no fighting for ideals,  no protecting other species (unless they provide something for your own survival. Members of a species have many times protected other species when they have a symbiotic relationship), saving the universe, no hobbies, past-time, no other work than provide food (which is extrapolated to gaining money in most parts of the human society).

We could argue that ecology is the protection of the symbiotic relationship between human kind and all other species. But if you look closely, we don’t really have a symbiotic relationship. We don’t view other species in a symbiotic point of view. We view them as resources. And in a symbiotic relationship, both parts give and take, and human kind only takes. It just gives to the resource-species what it needs to be even more productive (fertilizers, genetic modification, pesticides). We have even pushed to extinction most varieties of certain vegetable species: for example, today we have about 12 varieties of corn, while 80 years ago, we had about 300 varieties. We have morphed natural selection from “survival of the fittest” to “survival of the most yummy/productive to humans”.

And to this I want to come the next part:

Humans are probably Nature’s new natural selection system. We are actively choosing what species live and which ones do not. We are the ultimate factor in deciding on the life and habitat of most species.

And even further: I believe we Humans are Nature’s tool to end the current cycle of Earth. We were designed to consume and destroy all current life in order to new kinds of life to emerge. We are the reapers of this world. We are here to kill most things alive in order to allow nature to restart a new cycle.

Ecology opposes the end of the cycle (as it would mean the end of humankind).

I believe that, if mankind really wants to save itself, they need to create something like Anthropososy (άνθρωπος σώσει = save man or something like that). This would mean an active research to discover ways in which we could survive the end of the cycle, instead of preventing it (which ultimately is impossible, and personally seems boring).

Ecology is a fight against nature, not in it’s favour. Man is nature’s ultimate predators: we are here to kill and consume all, even ourselves.

On a more personal note: I don’t care what happens to humankind after my lifetime. So I’m not taking part on either ecology or anthropososy. It just makes me amused and irritated at the same time when I hear an ecologist saying they’re either “saving the planet” or “in harmony with nature” (which is already funny on itself as nature is chaotic) or “I love nature” or stuff of the like.

Good evening all.


I’ve wanted for a long time to talk about fear in sorcery.


When I first started doing rituals, I would call upon my Gods to watch over the ritual, to be my honoured guests at my sacred space. And there to assist me if they wanted to or saw it necessary. At first suspension of disbelief has hard to achieve. I was skeptical of my own abilities and such. But the more I didrituals and workings, the more I could feel their presence. To the point that their presence was so intense I would get shivers of paranoia and spooks. But of course eventually I got used to their presence and now all I get are tingling feelings of excitement when I become aware that my Gods are here with me during ritual. It is fear that made me understand I was finally able to sesne them.

Also when meditating I usually open myself entirely and let anything in. I believe any energy, positive, negative, healthy or sickly, can be recycled and used to empower or own energy. But of course there are these little mother fucker spirits who enter your spirit to scare the shit out of you. At first I would be scared. But that fear became curiosity, and started to let myself be invaded by other spirits. I wanted to know if I could regain control, and turn their game against them. At first I would simply chase them from the sanctity of my soul, then I’d start making their journey inside of me a torture. Now I either destroy them or consume them as if food for my soul. But in any case it was fear that made me want to be the feared one. Fear, a perceived loss of control over the situation, made me want to regain this control, or at least made me aware that since the beggining I was able to control it, but didn’t realise it right away.

Curiosity out of fear also happened when I started having sleep paralysis. It was at a time where I started developing my visualisation technique and stuff. Once again fear only drew me to want to cause even more instances of sleep paralysis on myself. I wanted to be able to control it. I wanted to overcome fear by becoming over exposed to it. It was enjoyable. Not fear itself, but the feeling I was becoming less and less frightened with each sleep paralysis I had.

Fear feeds my curiosity and it has made me realise, througg exposure, that we as humans are spiritually resilient, but the first step to actually make our resilience work, is to acknowledge it. it is hard for me to understand how some people stop sorcery and witchcraft completely after having a frightening experience.

Fear, is a loss of control. Fear is ignorance. If you call yourself a Satanist, then you better study what frightened you. Experience,  test, try to retake control of the situation every time you face it. Eventually you’ll suceed and you’ll realise the power inside you. The power to overcome any fear. Our soul is the soul of a  God, and nothing in the astral realm can damage it without your permission, and fear is allowing them to damage you.

Feeling fear is normal, facing that fear is Satanic.

Victims, Heroes and the Satanic Mindset.

Devil's Advocates


This post is largely a response to a post made in Satanic Views which we shall repost immediately ahead of this and encourage people to read. As ever Satanic Views gave us pause for thought. In essence we agree fully with everything that is said in that post and to a large degree it describes our outlook quite well. However we feel it leaves some things unsaid; perhaps deliberately, but we feel the need to say them in order to give a more complete picture of the Satanic Mindset. Satanic Views is written mostly for other Satanists whereas our blog is aimed more at open minded people who may not be Satanists. Thus there is a difference of perspective and perhaps more need to explain things that other Satanists would take as read.

The picture at the top of this post is a still from one of our favourite films…

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In depth explanation of my altar tools

Good evening all and welcome back again to the Daily Satanist. Tonight I wanted to share with you my latest altar configuration with all my tools neatly placed on it. I will also go in a more precise description of each element.

Let’s take a look at my latest altar:


Here we can appreciate my entire altar with all my ritual tools and elements on it. You might have noticed I have somewhat of a symmetrical disposition of the elements. My altar is divided into three main areas:


Here at the right side you can find my elemental tools. Working with the elements is a very important part of my sorcery practice.

The gong at the top represents air, it is through air that vibrations are carried, sound is force traveling through air, much like magic is our will traveling in the form of energy through the fibres of the universe.

The chalice represents water. Fluidity is a characteristic of a healthy mind. Adapting our thoughts to circumstances and situations allow us to react more efficiently to problems.

The mortar and pestle represent earth. It represents where all things physical converge and mix, hence the analogy with “grounding” with the pestle. As with metal alloys, the action of mixing certain elements to create something stable and resilient is a characteristic of the earth element.

The dagger with a burnt blade represents fire. I associate fire with energy rather than heat, so fire to me represents the flame that fuels the Will into accomplishing its desires. It is the ultimate transforming force.

The three stones represent the spirit: the quartz representative of the All, the onyx representative of the Void/Nothingness, and the Lapis Lazuli representative of my soul.


The candles represent Light and Heat. They represent Knowledge and learning new things.
Frostmourne, the blade on the photo, represents Darkness and Cold. It also represents Wisdom and experiencing new things.


This is the divination area of my altar. It contains the pendulum and tarot cards.

The pendulum is useful and practical to contact spirits, demons, and Gods, provided I am already familiar with the spirit or have some sort of symbol that represents it. Note I have presented the pendulum in an Ouroboros position. This is only for esthetic reasons.

Tarot cards are an useful guidance for making choices, and knowing the possible outcome of our actions, in order to be able to change our course of action to avoid things from happening. The future isn’t written, and that is why knowing possible futures is useful. I chose The Devil as top card for esthetic reasons as well.


Finally these are the remaining elements of my altar: A figure of a fallen angel and a couple of sigils.

These sigils correspond to Orobas and Haures, two demons with whom I created an alliance. Orobas has agreed on defending me from attacks, may they be physical, mental, psychological or spiritual. Haures has agreed to destroy and obliterate anything that poses a threat to my integrity, or projects. For courtesy, and to develop a personal relationship with them, I invite them to participate in my rituals and meditations. My mind and soul is completely open to them.

Now in recent weeks I’ve been able to sign a contract with a Succubus. While communicating with her, she refused to give me her name, but she did accept to being represented by the figurine. My Succubus is also invited to attend my rituals and meditations. She accompanies me during the day sometimes as well.

And that’s all for my altar! If you want to share yours, don’t hesitate to post a link. I’d also love to see other posts regarding your altar configuration or projects!

P.S.: In recent elemental meditations I’ve seen a unique reactivity between the elements of Water, Air and Darkness, they seem to create what I call “Dark Blizzard” when fused together. The destructive power in this particulat mix of elements is amazing, and deserves further experimentation to unveil its potential. I’m going to start experimenting as well with other elemental fusions, but this one happened naturally, as if I was influenced to discover it.