Let the stupid destroy themselves


There has been a recent reblogging by LHPers of this article calling for people of the LHP to save the world.  I laughed.

One of my colleagues on Twitter, Joseph Magnuson of Candlesmoke Chapel, made a few tweets over the past few hours that struck a nerve with me describing a general reluctance for magicians and spiritually-minded people to get involved with politics, legal affairs, and current events…

…They see it as beneath them, considering the news to be “a set up to keep us from manifesting the best reality for us”, and that “spiritual people know better than to get caught up in the illusions”…

…It’s your duty to do your part either as part of the system or as an infiltrator into it…

I read the news, but I do nothing. The news follows the pattern, stupid people do stupid things, repeat. All the problems of this…

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Satanic Obsession.

I'm becoming more and more obsessed with being an adversary, an opposer. The Satan inside me pushes me to constantly question and contradict everything. I cannot read something without thinking "well that might not be true". This is both positive and negative: The positive: Being often faced with opportunities to oppose something that is preconceived… Continue reading Satanic Obsession.

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Ecology and human nature.

I've wanted to talk about this subject for a long time now. This post is somewhat of a sequel to Nature: A compilation of thoughts. It is kinda necessary to read it in order to understand what I'm talking about here. Ecology is the relationship between organisms and their environment. Being "eco-logic" technically means having… Continue reading Ecology and human nature.


Victims, Heroes and the Satanic Mindset.

Devil's Advocates


This post is largely a response to a post made in Satanic Views which we shall repost immediately ahead of this and encourage people to read. As ever Satanic Views gave us pause for thought. In essence we agree fully with everything that is said in that post and to a large degree it describes our outlook quite well. However we feel it leaves some things unsaid; perhaps deliberately, but we feel the need to say them in order to give a more complete picture of the Satanic Mindset. Satanic Views is written mostly for other Satanists whereas our blog is aimed more at open minded people who may not be Satanists. Thus there is a difference of perspective and perhaps more need to explain things that other Satanists would take as read.

The picture at the top of this post is a still from one of our favourite films…

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In depth explanation of my altar tools

Good evening all and welcome back again to the Daily Satanist. Tonight I wanted to share with you my latest altar configuration with all my tools neatly placed on it. I will also go in a more precise description of each element. Let's take a look at my latest altar: Here we can appreciate my… Continue reading In depth explanation of my altar tools