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In depth explanation of my altar tools

Good evening all and welcome back again to the Daily Satanist. Tonight I wanted to share with you my latest altar configuration with all my tools neatly placed on it. I will also go in a more precise description of each element.

Let’s take a look at my latest altar:


Here we can appreciate my entire altar with all my ritual tools and elements on it. You might have noticed I have somewhat of a symmetrical disposition of the elements. My altar is divided into three main areas:


Here at the right side you can find my elemental tools. Working with the elements is a very important part of my sorcery practice.

The gong at the top represents air, it is through air that vibrations are carried, sound is force traveling through air, much like magic is our will traveling in the form of energy through the fibres of the universe.

The chalice represents water. Fluidity is a characteristic of a healthy mind. Adapting our thoughts to circumstances and situations allow us to react more efficiently to problems.

The mortar and pestle represent earth. It represents where all things physical converge and mix, hence the analogy with “grounding” with the pestle. As with metal alloys, the action of mixing certain elements to create something stable and resilient is a characteristic of the earth element.

The dagger with a burnt blade represents fire. I associate fire with energy rather than heat, so fire to me represents the flame that fuels the Will into accomplishing its desires. It is the ultimate transforming force.

The three stones represent the spirit: the quartz representative of the All, the onyx representative of the Void/Nothingness, and the Lapis Lazuli representative of my soul.


The candles represent Light and Heat. They represent Knowledge and learning new things.
Frostmourne, the blade on the photo, represents Darkness and Cold. It also represents Wisdom and experiencing new things.


This is the divination area of my altar. It contains the pendulum and tarot cards.

The pendulum is useful and practical to contact spirits, demons, and Gods, provided I am already familiar with the spirit or have some sort of symbol that represents it. Note I have presented the pendulum in an Ouroboros position. This is only for esthetic reasons.

Tarot cards are an useful guidance for making choices, and knowing the possible outcome of our actions, in order to be able to change our course of action to avoid things from happening. The future isn’t written, and that is why knowing possible futures is useful. I chose The Devil as top card for esthetic reasons as well.


Finally these are the remaining elements of my altar: A figure of a fallen angel and a couple of sigils.

These sigils correspond to Orobas and Haures, two demons with whom I created an alliance. Orobas has agreed on defending me from attacks, may they be physical, mental, psychological or spiritual. Haures has agreed to destroy and obliterate anything that poses a threat to my integrity, or projects. For courtesy, and to develop a personal relationship with them, I invite them to participate in my rituals and meditations. My mind and soul is completely open to them.

Now in recent weeks I’ve been able to sign a contract with a Succubus. While communicating with her, she refused to give me her name, but she did accept to being represented by the figurine. My Succubus is also invited to attend my rituals and meditations. She accompanies me during the day sometimes as well.

And that’s all for my altar! If you want to share yours, don’t hesitate to post a link. I’d also love to see other posts regarding your altar configuration or projects!

P.S.: In recent elemental meditations I’ve seen a unique reactivity between the elements of Water, Air and Darkness, they seem to create what I call “Dark Blizzard” when fused together. The destructive power in this particulat mix of elements is amazing, and deserves further experimentation to unveil its potential. I’m going to start experimenting as well with other elemental fusions, but this one happened naturally, as if I was influenced to discover it.


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