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Ecology and human nature.

I’ve wanted to talk about this subject for a long time now.

This post is somewhat of a sequel to Nature: A compilation of thoughts. It is kinda necessary to read it in order to understand what I’m talking about here.

Ecology is the relationship between organisms and their environment. Being “eco-logic” technically means having a correct relationship with your (natural) environment. But what is correct anyway? Why would be decreasing our CO2 emissions correct? Why is reducing deforestation correct? How can we define what is a correct behaviour to our environment? Saving ourselves by “saving the planet” seems hypocritically anthropocentric coming from people claiming to love nature.

The planet, nature, as most things in the universe, is cyclical. And as all things cycles have an end. And this is one of my critics against ecology: By “preserving” the ecosystem, you are hindering it’s cyclical characteristic, which in turn is anti-natural.

Being in harmony with nature would mean sticking to your biological needs: eating, sleeping, fucking (to perpetrate the species). There’s not more to it. There’s no fighting for ideals,  no protecting other species (unless they provide something for your own survival. Members of a species have many times protected other species when they have a symbiotic relationship), saving the universe, no hobbies, past-time, no other work than provide food (which is extrapolated to gaining money in most parts of the human society).

We could argue that ecology is the protection of the symbiotic relationship between human kind and all other species. But if you look closely, we don’t really have a symbiotic relationship. We don’t view other species in a symbiotic point of view. We view them as resources. And in a symbiotic relationship, both parts give and take, and human kind only takes. It just gives to the resource-species what it needs to be even more productive (fertilizers, genetic modification, pesticides). We have even pushed to extinction most varieties of certain vegetable species: for example, today we have about 12 varieties of corn, while 80 years ago, we had about 300 varieties. We have morphed natural selection from “survival of the fittest” to “survival of the most yummy/productive to humans”.

And to this I want to come the next part:

Humans are probably Nature’s new natural selection system. We are actively choosing what species live and which ones do not. We are the ultimate factor in deciding on the life and habitat of most species.

And even further: I believe we Humans are Nature’s tool to end the current cycle of Earth. We were designed to consume and destroy all current life in order to new kinds of life to emerge. We are the reapers of this world. We are here to kill most things alive in order to allow nature to restart a new cycle.

Ecology opposes the end of the cycle (as it would mean the end of humankind).

I believe that, if mankind really wants to save itself, they need to create something like Anthropososy (άνθρωπος σώσει = save man or something like that). This would mean an active research to discover ways in which we could survive the end of the cycle, instead of preventing it (which ultimately is impossible, and personally seems boring).

Ecology is a fight against nature, not in it’s favour. Man is nature’s ultimate predators: we are here to kill and consume all, even ourselves.

On a more personal note: I don’t care what happens to humankind after my lifetime. So I’m not taking part on either ecology or anthropososy. It just makes me amused and irritated at the same time when I hear an ecologist saying they’re either “saving the planet” or “in harmony with nature” (which is already funny on itself as nature is chaotic) or “I love nature” or stuff of the like.

Good evening all.


4 thoughts on “Ecology and human nature.”

  1. I support the ideal of sustainability, which is to live in harmony with the planet. I argue that the human relationship with nature is like running a business, the ideal is to turn a profit rather than go out of business. The problem is that humanity reflects your ideal that it either is indifferent or forces human will onto nature. Like those who make bad business decisions resulting in bankruptcy, humanity is making a lot of mistakes in how it deals with nature, for instance destroying the trees and the bees, one which provides oxygen to breath, and the other the food through pollination of crops the majority of humanity needs to feed itself. People won’t last long without food and oxygen. Living sustainably is about working in harmony with nature, because if humanity fails to do that, extinction will come rapidly.

    It is inevitable that the mass of humanity has chosen the path of ultimate destruction, so it is likely you will in your life time see the complete collapse of human civilization. I argue that Satanists enjoy life, and it is in the self interest of Satanists to work in harmony with nature to continue their life and the possibility of the life of their children.

    1. “The problem is that humanity reflects your ideal that it either is indifferent or forces human will onto nature.”

      Well, I believe that it is nature’s will in fact that is forcing us to end the cycle by destroying all known life, and it is human will to perpetuate mankind.

      “Living sustainably is about working in harmony with nature, because if humanity fails to do that, extinction will come rapidly. ”

      But nature is not about remaining alive. Nature wants things to have a beginning and an end. Extinction is part of nature. Nature needs to kill in order to bring to life. I think that living sustainably is exactly the opposite of natural cycles.

      “I argue that Satanists enjoy life”

      Sure thing, but let’s not mix up “enjoying life” with “enjoying being alive”. I enjoy life all right, Right now.

      It is important to note that I am also in favour of sustainability, but I reject the idealistic vision ecology and of “working in harmony with nature” as sustainability is anti-natural to my eyes. Nature eventually wants all things to go extinct, and it uses us as a means to that.

      I also believe we can devise ways to trick nature by surviving when all other beings have been successfully killed by nature through whatever means (humankind, natural disaster, plague, etc). This could be done by livestock cloning, synthesised food, machines that convert CO2 to oxygen, etc.

  2. I really like your honesty and that you have reached your own independent view on the subject. I get pretty sick of the snarky cumbaya of “save the planet!” “heal the Earth!” etc line, because it is really saying “preserve our niche”, which I also want (without being entirely sure that it is possible), but at least be honest about it. It definitely suits me to have our niche, and its biodiversity preserved and encouraged, just cut the “Mother Nature” bullshit folks. I think the indications are that this niche for life as we know it (not just our species) is pretty fragile and selectively tuned in wider terms (beyond this planet), it’s just that the time scales are so much beyond human civilizations that it appears more stable than it finally is. It will all die eventually of course, and we could easily go through another mass extinction event before then. Unless we develop the technology to avert such an event, and furthermore manage to colonize other worlds, we are stuck with this niche, and I think we should work it as well as we can, according to our understanding

    1. your view of the “natural” extinguishing chcracteristics of human beings is interesting though, and is pretty well supported by our history. Even our pre-historic ancestors devastated their ecosystems (contrary to neopagan fantasies about our noble indigenous forebears)

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