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This subject came up (really briefly) today while talking with my significant other. And it just reminded me how much I despise and hate the use of drugs that cause an alteration of the mental state. I will ask you to excuse me in advance: These kind of drugs are something I despise. Their mere mention causes in me extreme feelings of hate, disdain, contempt and even disgust. Expect my choice of words to be more blunt than the usual.There are different categories in which we could put mental state altering drugs. Here’s my take on it:

Party enhancer drugs:

In these category I would put drugs such as alcohol, ecstasy, amphetamines in general. You know, drugs that people take because they lack imagination to have fun without them. These are usually taken by sheep that are either too lazy or incapable of having fun for themselves, so instead they let a substance do the work in exchange for their free will. I tolerate the use of alcohol in moderation.

I’m bored/I’m an addict drugs:

In this category I put drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroine (opiates in general) and such. This drugs are usually taken by either people who have nothing better to do than sit on a couch and waste their lives smoking pot and not doing shit or people who have lost themselves to addiction. Addiction is a sign of weakness and extreme dependence on a substance. They have lost their free will to their addiction, and would rather escape themselves and their problems than face them. I tolerate the use of cannabis in extreme moderation since it’s not too dangerous for the health of the user.

Amusing effects/”spiritual advancement” drugs:

Mainly LSD, mushroom, and some kinds of cannabis. Hallucinogens in general. These are taken by people who are doomed to such negativity that they have to fuck up with their own minds to escape themselves into a pseudo-positive world controlled by the substance. Once again you abandon the control of your mind to the substance, you abandon your free will.

Depressants/other medicine used as drugs:

Xanax, sleeping pills, stuff of the like when used in abusive quantities. I think the people who take these prescribed drugs in abusive manner feel the need to lose control. Everything is too hard for them. Therefore it is a sign of weakness, lack of self esteem, etc…


What I despise in drugs is the voluntary choice of abandoning your free will. It’s the biggest insult to the Ego. It is a proof of lack of self esteem, imagination, willpower. It is also insulting towards those who you love around you. They deserve to be with you, not a drug taking possession of your mind. And it is insulting towards yourself, not wanting to be yourself. You’re the best person to be yourself.

For me, drug abuse is worse than many things. At least suicide takes some courage.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Those who take these drugs, but seek to stop, have my respect. Those who don’t realise that they should stop, have my pity. Those who know that they should stop, and have refused help, have my deepest contempt.

Besides, sex is much better than any drug. Get your shit together and get laid without needing to take any of this crap.


2 thoughts on “Drugs.”

  1. You feel pretty much the same way I do with drugs, though I have a funny feeling you have a greater personal hatred for them. I feel I have always been stricter with alcohol and marijuana, but at the same time I’ve imagined on some occasions what it might be like to drink wine or Oriental drinks (particularly through those small cups that look like bowls). I guess I always felt it easy to be strict with alcohol and marijuana because it feels like everybody likes them. And ciagrettes? I have always hated cigarettes. Always. Ever since I was child. I do support freedom of choice, which means I have to let people make decisions to smoke, but I hate smokers most of the time because they are always inconsiderate in my experience. as in they always pick the worst places to smoke without any consideration for other people. I think this is because lots of people who smoke assume everyone smokes or that no one has a problem with it.

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