Drugs Part 2.

You guys remember my post about drugs right?

Here’s a little more concerning alcohol.


It’s been two months since I’ve stopped drinking alcohol. I still drink alcoholic beverages from time to time but in general it is just to taste the drink. I’ll take a sip of some fine wine or some expensive whiskey anytime. But not a whole drink. Also, I decided to not spend any money on alcohol whatsoever. People around me (roommates and friends mostly) are for the most heavy drinkers. And they all encourage me to start drinking again. Last weekend they even convinced me to drink a shitload of beer (3 fucking liters) and in exchange I wouldn’t pay for anything that day (I’m broke).So I went with it. I was smashed and did stupid things. Sure it was fun and all, but I am not myself when I was in that state. That is not the me inside.

That person which we become when we are under the effects of drugs is a being with a broken will, incapable of mastering his compulsions and unable to reason correctly. The impaired reasoning makes us do things that sober we wouldn’t. They call it “losing your inhibitions”, meaning that, sober, I prevent myself from doing things that I want to do because of social pressure or shit like that. That is not the case. I call it doing stupid shit because you can’t reason well enough to differentiate bad from good ideas.

For my roomies: If you think that what I did that night was part of my true “inhibited” desires, I take that as an insult, and you should apologize, and bring me cookies and/or chocolate as an apology offering.


7 thoughts on “Drugs Part 2.”

  1. That makes so much sense. I still sometimes feel like I could stand to drink wine as a way to test my will and self-control, but I don’t think I will ultimately.

    Aucun souvenir ?
    Ou tout simplement perpetrer ton mensonge ?
    Nous savons qui tu es, à quel point tu mens…
    Faire du mal, de manière compulsive.
    Jamais la drogue tu as eu besoin.
    Jamais l’alcool tu as eu besoin.
    Juste tes mensonges qui nourrissent le monstre qui es en toi.
    Tu fut drogué, tu fut alcoolisé, et tu en fus heureux et curieux…
    Aujourd’hui tu n’es que mensonge cachés sous couverts de supériorité.

    Nous te retrouverons, sache que ton répit est de courte durée Guy !

    La mort, elle, serait surement enviable.

    Ton passé

    1. Déjà, qui êtes-vous? Est-vous lâches au point de devoir vous cacher derrière l’anonymat? Avez-vous peur de moi?

      Aucun souvenir de quoi? Quel mensonge? Certes, cela m’est arriver de mentir… Aux personnes à qui je ne fait pas confiance. Certes, j’ai fait du mal, mais ce n’était jamais l’intention. Parfois on fait du mal aux autres en avançant vers nos objectifs de vie.

      Je suis un sacré monstre selon toi/vous. Qu’est-ce que je vous ai fait? Cela m’intrigue. Je suis toujours heureux et curieux. J’ai satisfait ma curiosité d’alcool et de drogue assez pour savoir que ça ne vaut pas la peine.

      Couverts de supériorité? Je peut dire déjà que je suis supérieur à toi. Je n’ai pas peur, je ne me laisse pas faire du mal, mon bonheur dépénds exclusivement de moi… Mais le tiens… Tu semble être le genre de personne profondément rancunière et fragile qui passent leur vie à regretter les choix des autres sans jamais porter jugement aux choix que toi même tu as faits. Tu est le genre de personne qu’il m’est déjà arrivé de rencontrer, ce genre de personne qui se victimise sans cesse, dont le malheur n’est jamais leur faute mais la faute d’autrui, de la société.

      Retrouve moi donc, que je te regarde dans les yeux, et que je y trouve tes peurs, tes faiblesses, tes doutes, tes plaies ouvertes, et que je te fasse du mal, mais cette fois-ci, intentionnellement.

      La mort serait enviable de quoi? De ce que je vais vous faire si jamais vous vous présentiez à ma porte? Sûrement.

      Je suis à Poitiers. Vient me chercher.

  3. Alcohol is the truth serum. As you said it makes some people do things they would not normally do. The inhibitions that are there when sober are removed. And yes when intoxicated we lose the run of ourselves. Alcoholics especially are incapable of making rational choices when drunk and often times between drinks they cannot make rational choices because their brains have been hijacked. All they can think about is getting the next drink. I am a recovering alcoholic and there would be no way on earth that I would take even one sip because I know that if I do that will be the end. All free will that I now enjoy and utilize in a healthy manor would be flung to the far reaches of the universe.

    1. No. I’d say alcohol is definitely not the truth serum. It’s the “I’ll say whatever comes the fuck to mind even if I don’t really mean it or feel it that way” serum. Having inhibitions is good, because they prohibit us from doing things we don’t want to do. I am not an alcoholic, but I can understand what you went through. Glad you stopped alcohol.

      1. Well that’s kind of the point about calling it a truth serum. It allows people to say things and do things they wouldn’t normally do. In that way it makes the drunk speak what is in their minds that they wouldn’t normally. I agree having inhibitions is a good thing otherwise many of us would be in prison or beat the hell up. And thanks. I am glad I quit too. It was the very best thing for me. It was also the best thing for the rest of the world. I drank and drive quite consistently.

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