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New apartment. Vengeance.

So, I’ve finally moved to my new place. It’s small, but I am alone and in a calm place. I couldn’t ask for more. I finished moving all my stuff today, it was tiring, but I’m pretty happy about it.

A Satanist, as any practitioner of a mostly solitary spirituality, knows how important it is to have a place for themselves… To have a “temple” so to speak. Some Satanists’ temples are their own body. For me, it is the case, but I also have my physical equivalent, which is my altar.

I did my first ritual a few minutes ago. It had two purposes: The first one was to cleanse, purify and consecrate the new altar, as well as the whole apartment. The second one was to get revenge, and destroy those who have been a bother to me in the past few months.


I made a ritual in which I gathered my own strength, and asked my four main deities (Satan, Beelzebub, Ashtaroth and Azazel) as well as the four elements, to aid me to gather and concentrate the destructive forces of the universe. Then I invoked Orobas and Haures (if you follow my blog you should know by now they are my two protector demons) and asked them to lend me their strength and services to destroy these people who have tried (and failed) to harm me. They will learn their lesson the hard way. One does not simply fuck with a Satanic sorcerer.
I’ve been doing sorcery for 7 years, and I have successfully harmed people through magic. I am powerful, and I have proven it to myself (and to my victims). I have cursed. I have demons and gods who support me in my rituals, I am becoming a god/demon myself.

If you chose to fuck with me, so be it, but be ready to face the consequences. Natural selection will do its thing after all.

For the ritual I summoned forth the forces of my main deities, as well as the elements, and invoked into my own body the spirits Orobas and Haures. They have both previously helped me get rid and get revenge on my enemies. I lit two candles for each and one fifth candle as a thanks for answering the call.

I then wrote on a piece of paper, the fate I wanted for the individuals concerned. I wrote in capitals and in bold the keywords of their upcoming suffering. At the back of this paper I wrote my petition to Orobas and Haures, writing their names, and writing the petition to help me carry out the fate inscribed on the paper. I then folded the paper many times, and stabbed it with my dagger (which represents the element of Fire). I then proceeded to slowly burn the paper with the offering candle, using the mortar (which represents Earth) as a support for the ashes. All while slightly meditating and concentrating my energy and forces into the paper, in order to strengthen the intention of the words.

I then closed the ritual, dispelled all the negative energies from my sacred space, and told the participating entities that they could now go, thanking them in the process.

I left the offering candle lit, and it will remain like that until it is entirely consumed.

This is the aftermath of the ritual.



2 thoughts on “New apartment. Vengeance.”

  1. Hello!

    I am your new follower and I saw that you use seals from Goetia in your work. I am very interested in learning from you and would be happy if you describe what and how you do the summonings.

    I dont use a triangle. I don’t use a mirror eather. I just let the spirits stand outside the circle and place my pentacle on the seals so the spirits offer me guidance in finding my path.

    Can one combine Voodoo Hoodoo with the seals of Goetia?

    Another practitioner’s methods and experiences are very interesting to me. Of course, if you want to share your knowledge so that others can learn from you. Great blog;)

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