The nature of Satanism

A fellow Satanist posted his insight on why we Satanists are not Christians and do not necessarily need to be affiliated with them in order for our beliefs to be coherent since Satan “is a Christian concept”.

I want to throw my two cents in.

Christianity is a religion based on fiction and faith. As many religions, they created their beliefs in accordance of the moral dogma they wanted to preach. They made this artificial faith in order to validate and confirm the authenticity of their laws, their moral codes, their views on the world, their views on science, etc. As many religions, Christianity was created in order to govern people and submit them to the will of the governors (who at the time were strongly affiliated with the clergy and religious authorities), with the threat of impending doom and the lie of salvation.

Satanism is a religion based on reason, and understanding of the human nature. It is comprehension of our human needs and desires, and the embracing of these. I’ve come to the conclusion that Satanism, more than a religion, is the expression of the true human nature. Therefore everyone is a Satanist in some way, but only a few chose to embrace this nature, and even fewer are those who call themselves Satanists. But it doesn’t matter what you call yourself as long as you appreciate yourself for who you are. Satanism is accepting who we are; Satanism is the love we have for ourselves. It is in our nature to love oneself and to care about ourselves. Satanism is the ultimate search for happiness (and probably the only religion that preaches to be happy and fulfil your desires in the present, and not some afterlife).

If Christianity had never existed, Satanism would still exist. We would probably be called something else. But it doesn’t matter, because Satanism is the nature of humanity, and whatever it is called doesn’t change a thing. In fact we had to put a name on a religion based directly on the human nature because 99% of people refuse to live by their nature.

Satanism is the nameless religion that everyone followed when they were born, until some other forced dogma took place through parental indoctrination. Satanism is the religion everyone at the beginning of humanity until some weak leader had to idea to lie about a Deity threatening to destroy them if they didn’t follow his rules.

Satanism is the reminder that not all humans are sheep. And I personally believe there are no sheep, only wolves made to believe they are sheep by their religion.


2 thoughts on “The nature of Satanism”

  1. nice perspective 🙂 the only religion that really wants you to be happy according to your own lights, and do it consciously 🙂

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