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On recent happenings and gun control.

From French protesters attacking an innocent policeman (by throwing a molotov cocktail inside of his car) to the recent Orlando shooting, I’ve refrained to write about gun control without first forming an opinion based on a lot of thinking and facts.

I want to point out that The Daily Satanist is a blog about the philosophy and thought process of a Satanist applied to his daily life. One Satanist is not representative of the Satanic community, and actually, no Satanist is. The Satanic community is as diverse as there are Satanists, so don’t expect my thoughts to reflect those of other fellow Satanists.

First of all, I do not believe in global solutions. Each country will need a different solution for the same problem.

In my opinion, and seeing the recent happenings, the USA’s problem is that they have gun free zones inside a free gun territory. This is idiotic. Most shootings happen in gun free zones. This doesn’t mean gun regulation is useless but rather that regulation is irregular. You either have freedom to carry a gun everywhere, or you aren’t allowed to do so anywhere. I am personally against guns, and would love that plague to be eradicated along with most fire weapons. However this is unrealistic, and what I believe the USA needs is the abolition of gun free zones, which create an easy target for terrorists to strike.

Now in the France case, THANK SATAN for gun regulation, or we would constantly be in civil war. I’ve had non-french friends of mine say that the officer should have defended himself from the protesters attacks. And that he should have used his gun. That, my friends, would have been his death sentence. French protesters are bold, not to say stupidly bold. If that police officer had just taken out his gun, I’m sure a bunch of protesters would have jumped on him to lynch him. And in the media’s eyes, it would have been all the officer’s fault. France is a country of anti-authority fanatics and ACABers. We do have our share of police brutality of course. But here policemen are also brutalised. Unless we’ve just had a terrorist attack, then suddenly the police attacked the military become angels to rescue us!

I’m so done with human hypocrisy, and so I’ve had a hard time caring for anyone that isn’t me or loved ones. I don’t want to sound like a tin foil hat conspirationist, but I don’t think governments are doing what it takes to stop this violence.

Oh and don’t get me started on social media censoring stuff.

Fuck you human kind, I’m just going to go play with my reptilian illuminati friends.


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