Haram Month 2: Art and Tattoos. 

As part of the Haram month I want to talk about something that is very relevant to me and to the West.

Most forms of art are forbidden in Islam. Calligraphy and non-figurative art are allowed, but figurative art (in which sentient beings are represented) is strictly forbidden. Some figurative Islamic art is found in countries that were converted to Islam but don’t speak Arabic (notably in Persia). I guess that’s because they didn’t have full access to the hadiths. Anyway, it is proscribed to create figurative art. This alone is unacceptable. Prohibiting certain forms of art leads to a hindered freedom of expression. And also hinders the creativity of the artist, as figurative art is about 70% of western graphical art.

Music is also prohibited, as Muhammad (curses be upon him*) despised musical instruments. I think certain religious chants are allowed but that’s about it. No secular music, no music instruments. I am a musician and really I can’t imagine what a world without music would be like. It is of my understanding that according to Islam and the hadiths musical instruments are a tool of the Shaytan and should be destroyed.

In a similar manner, tattoos and body modifications are strictly forbidden, as it is modifying “Allah’s (may he be cursed*) creation” and thus defying him. As a matter of coincidence, I got my tattoo done yesterday, depicting the goetic symbols of my four main deities: Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth and Azazel.


From top to bottom: Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth and Azazel.

I am incredibly happy with the result and now going to take care of it so the healing process goes well. For the record, Satan’s sigil was the most painful one to make, I could feel Satan infusing his essence unto my tattoo as it was getting done, and after it was done, it was the only one of the symbols who did not hurt afterwards, and is healing much faster than the rest. What more haram than getting a tattoo of Satan?

For the general muslim if you have done or possess figurative art, hear or compose non islamic music, or have done or got a tattoo/piercing done, congratulations, you are a sinner and should be punished! In most cases Islam prescribes death, but hey, if you’re lucky maybe you will only get your arm (where the tattoo is) cut, or if they go easy on you, a few hundred whip strikes. And without ny doubt, damnation on judgement day! Curses be upon Allah and his cursed prophet Muhmmad!

*In all pro-islam sites, when Muhammad or any of his acolytes are mentioned, follows a parenthesis like “(blessings be upon him)” and stuff like that. I’d guess I’d make a parody of it.


Haram Month 1: Curse to Allah!

Good friend and fellow Satanist (or Luciferian now? You’ll tell me!) Aleph created the Haram Month in one of his latest blog posts. Let’s take a look at relevant excerpt:

That is why this month, all month, I am announcing a new event for this blog which I call Haram Month – haram, of course, being the Arabic word for something that is forbidden in Islamic law. For Haram Month, all posts written on this blog until September 1st will be exclusively focused on or related to the subject of Islam, with the primary intent of criticizing the Islamic world.

I’d like to start off, not with direct criticism, but rather with a spiritual opening to this Haram Month.

In the name of Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth and Azazel, four crowned princes of Hell, I command the universe to hear my dictate.

In my own demon name Zerhathos, I command the forces of the world to do my bidding:

Allah is cursed! Allah is dead! His power is nonexistent! His will weak as a glass thread! He’s a puppet, and terrorism his puppeteer!

May his followers see through his lie, and burn the Quran! The ashes of the idiotic book shall be used along manure to help feed all the animals the books forbid them to eat.

May the people indulge in haram! May them play music! May them drink wine! May them dance! May them have dogs! May them drink and eat with their left hand! May them watch cartoons! Yes! All of this is Haram, and all of this shall be done in the name of Allah, so his name is tainted and cursed!

May the world see that Satan and Satanist are at war against Islam for as long as we’ve been at war with any religion that hinders the human race!  May them see that we have won, since man made God, and Man will be his undoing!

Heed my word, Muslims of the world, these words are not against you, but against the ideals that have brought to the world death and destruction!

Mohamed promotes beating your wife! May he be cursed! Mohamed promotes child abuse! May he be cursed! Mohamed promotes rape! May he be cursed! Mohamed promoted slavery! May he be cursed!