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Balance and movement.

There is a certain connotation of immobility to the concept of Balance. When we say someone is balanced we are struck with an image of perfect equilibrium, of a sphere perfectly balanced atop a needle.

For me, this characteristic is anti-satanic. 

The Satanist is in an eternal state of oscillation. He changes and adapts, he moves and relocates himself in order to adapt to the never ending chaos that is existence. Balance only works in a balanced world. Alas, our world isn’t. 

Our world is ever changing. It moves chaotically and erratically according to an infinity of variables, well beyond our measurement. And since we cannot predict the changes of our world, the best we can do is become masters of our oscillation. The laws of nature proved to us that it is the creature that adapts the fastest and best to its ever-changing environment, that lives the longest and survives to further evolve.

The Satanist should strive to be that perfect being of nature. Unfazed by the chaos around him, he should swiftly adapt to its new environment, and make it his once again, until nature tests him once again.

Satanists are oscillators, not balancists. 


2 thoughts on “Balance and movement.”

  1. The problem with this as I see it is that balance doesn’t mean being frozen in equilibirum. It is to some extent harmony, but it is also a constant tension between opposing forces. In the case of the human psyche especially, you sometimes have tension between what is called the superego and what is called the id.

    I don’t find balance to be “un-Satanic”. In fact, I’d rather be balanced than either (a) being totally enslaved to the superego or (b) composed of nothing but whims and the id. And even then, of course it wouldn’t be perfect, such an assertion is pretty ridiculous.

    1. What I mean is that I find it more realistic to be in constant oscillation between the different aspects of ourselves. I don’t like the two forces to be equal, I’d rather control these forces to be able to act upon my environment more efficiently. It is a question of adaptability, which only comes in the shape of movement. Of course it is simply my opinion.

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