The Satanist is never a victim.

Jacob McKelvy. Haha.

What a funny little anecdote. 

Thought the Greater Church of Lucifer is not affiliated with any Satanic current, and my knowledge of Luciferianism is quite limited, I can only say that I find the whole situation worth a giggle. 

Long story short, Mr. McKelvy was a GCOL leader, he then was found out to steal from the organisation’s resources and kicked out. He then resurfaced as a born again Christian and is probably using that to commit fraud elsewhere.

For me, his actions were completely Satanic. He wanted money, he got it, when he could no longer get it, he just went to another source.

One of the most literal fundamental principles of the LHP is that the individual uses the group to attain its goals (as opposed to the group using the individual as a puppet for their system, like in the RHP). I feel rather disappointed that this needs to happen in order to remind some LHPers some fundamental rules of life: Trust no one other than yourself and if you are fucked over, you were either weak or you let them do it. 

People are assholes, and that’s human nature, to get what we want any way we can.

GCOL members or sympathisers, I invite you to reflect on this question: Is the organisation serving you? Or are you serving the organisation?

If you feel like a victim, you might want to reconsider being part of the LHP. This is the path of the strong. Of those who survive and prevail. Not those who are duped by some born again pseudo Luciferian. 


15 thoughts on “The Satanist is never a victim.”

  1. Most dichotomies are false, and I think that this is one of them. I simply think there are situations to which the dichotomies you present do not apply. For instance, if you are fucked over it’s either because you are weak or let them. You don’t think there’s also the factor that the person fucking you over is a bad person who shouldn’t be allowed to fuck you over – at least depending on the circumstance. Or at the very least, you can’t apply such a strict dichotomy universally – just imagine applying it to situations such as rape or murder for instance.

    Then there’s the idea that the Satanist is never a victim. In reality, the Satanist or the LHP person is someone who never STAYS a victim. If someone who follows these philosophies feels victimized, he/she will consider his/her situation and try to either get even if they can or rise above or beyond their circumstances and be the change they wish to see, so to speak. The people who choose to remain victims will not do this and are probably not the people who follow these philosophies.

    I still consider McKelvy to be a bad person based on his actions. If I am right about him, he’s just a fraudulent individual who has no principles whatsoever and will con people at least partly for the sake of fraud as opposed to making or earning money via legitimate means. A Satanist is still a person who has some principles defining him/her, and it would make sense that through those principles the individual Satanist might avoid certain actions on the basis of ethics devised from that Satanic system. Same for Luciferians, Setians and other LHP people. McKelvy, I am convinced, did not do this.

    1. I realize my mistake of over simplifying the question, and I appreciate the correction. Yeah indeed it is Satanic to phase out of the victim state. I also think that a Satanist in the current state of vicitim should keep a low profile. What I meant is that a Satanist is never defined as a victim. It can be rather a passing state, but never a definition of its own self.

      However I do not agree with the fact that a Satanists needs principles or an ethics code. All a Satanist needs is understandment of his desires and needs, and the will and strength to bring sataifaction to them.

      1. The links don’t show up on your site. Just on your comments when I see them through the comment icon on the top-right of my screen.

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