The EU against freedom of expression.

The European Comission now will decide what you read and write on social media. 

Several social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Google abd even YouTube) signed the Code of Conduct of The European Union in which they are forced to take down any post, message or video deemed by the European Comission to incite violence and/or hate 24h after it is posted.

So now being politically correct is law. Congratulations! The European Union is now a totalitarian state! Everything  you write or read on the Web has to be approved by a bunch of politically correct bureaucrats. Saying “I hate blacks” is illegal but “I hate whites” is totally fine, since it is against a vast majority of people. 

Are you ready to enter the land of Care Bears?! Where everything is love and understanding and giggles and censorship and fear of saying the wrong thing? Don’t worry, you’ll never be offended ever again, because in the European Union of Care Bears (c) whoever dares scrape your opinion will suffer the wrath of the PC gods.

God bless the European Union, and may it prosper forever and ever under the rule of the Bureaucrat Gods.

(Fuck this shit, I’ve had enough)


Fellow Americans. Vote Trump. (Or anyone else than Hillary)

Tomorrow is going to be a Historical day in the world. Day in which perhaps political correctness and overall political hypocrisy might take a good punch in the face. 

I don’t know much about American Politics, other than your “democratic” system of election is bollocks and the two party system is the most anti-democratic bullshit ever. 

And that’s why you need Trump. 

You see. Electing Trump will do two wonderful things: One is getting that anti-freedom and pro uncontrolled immigration  Hillary out of the way, and secondly it will make A LOT of people, including rich and poweful people around the world, to question America’s Democracy. And that’s the only hope you have of changing that messy system of yours. 

Hillary represents political correctness, hypocrisy, under-the-table politics, SJW and identity politics, and other political bullshit. She promotes controlled and censored speech and positive discrimination. 

Trump represents free speech. Protection of the private life, anti political bullshit. And he’s clear and honest about what he wants. He wants to be even more rich and powerful than he already is. And as a president of an already developped country which follows the rules of international consensus (which he will not be able to break), the only thing that can make him grow is making the country grow. (If he doesnt know this already, he will find out pretty soon).
He is far from being a good candidate, but he sure is the best bet at triggering a change in international politics.