I am a french Theistic Satanist who lives in the western side of the country.

I was an atheist before, but i didn’t feel it was enough for me, spiritually. During q dream I was visited by the demon Azazel, who showed me bits and pieces of past lives. He advised me to “search where no one dares to even look at”. That’s how I ended up researching about occultism, magic and esoteric practices. Eventually I found Joy of Satan’s website. There I discovered modern Theistic Satanism, but I hastly got away from that site and it’s intolerant, herd like mentality.

I continued my research and kept practicing all sort of rituals and summonings. The results of those experiences is what defined my beliefs, as I can only trust my own eyes.

The goal of this blog is to show you how being a Satanist impacts my daily life, as well as publishing musings and essays on Satanism, religion, spirituality, and philosophy.


5 Comments on “About”

  1. Have you ever encountered Hindu and Buddhist beliefs?

    • Not in real life. Which is sad. They seem as incredibly vast and interesting.

      • What do you mean by not in real life?

      • I haven’t encountered someone Hindu or Buddhist. I do know a bit thanks to the internet, but I’d rather know directly from someone who practices.

      • True. I would some day like to go to India, Tibet, China, and Japan, since they are home to some fantastic god-images that I still adore.

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