I am a french Theistic Satanist who lives in the western side of the country.

I was an atheist before, but i didn’t feel it was enough for me, spiritually. During q dream I was visited by the demon Azazel, who showed me bits and pieces of past lives. He advised me to “search where no one dares to even look at”. That’s how I ended up researching about occultism, magic and esoteric practices. Eventually I found Joy of Satan’s website. There I discovered modern Theistic Satanism, but I hastly got away from that site and it’s intolerant, herd like mentality.

I continued my research and kept practicing all sort of rituals and summonings. The results of those experiences is what defined my beliefs, as I can only trust my own eyes.

The goal of this blog is to show you how being a Satanist impacts my daily life, as well as publishing musings and essays on Satanism, religion, spirituality, and philosophy.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I only know about demons (Goetic?) from Christian mythology.

    Forgive me if this question is silly, but who arose first or did all supernatural beings come into existence about the same time? More specifically, did the demons come before or after YHWH and his gang of thug angels? (I think I heard somewhere that there came a first order and then a second order which warred with one another before a third order of supernatural beings came into existence).

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hello. It is of my understanding that the beings we know as demons and angels and other non human spirits are very ancient, but all of them have a moment of birth, which is really different than how we come to life. Beelzebuth explained to me personally that in the very beginning, beings of energy such as demons and spirits were not entirely separate entites and that everything was part of a unique sea of thought. Individuality was nonexistent and the thoughts of every being was mixed and confounded amongst the thoughts of every other being. Then little by little some consciousnesses became strong and defined enough to separate themselves from this unified primordial pool of thoughts. These were the very first individual beings. Satan himself was amongst the first ones to separate themselves. Even Beelzebub himself doesn’t know who was the very first one, and if that being is still alive. YHWH is something different. The Abrahamic god is a thoughtform. A living energy being created by extreme focus on an idea. YHWH is about 3500 years old but it’s been powerful only since the development of the Islamic world. Angels are spirits that agree with the foundation of the Abrahamic religions and use YHWH as a source of energy for themselves. Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth and MAYBE Azazel are first generation demons, meaning that they were not bred but rather separated themselves form the primordial pool of thought. These first generation demons have been around for an extremely long time. Most demons today are second or third generation demons meaning that they were bred from the energy of one, two, or more other demons. Finally there are the transcended, which are human souls who became demons, like Raum or Orobas. These demons have a few thousand years but for a demon that is very young.

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