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The Satanic Ritual

Tonight, I will tell you how I perform satanic rituals. I will give you a detailed outline of a ritual, and also how to do a quick spell, and also how can you do magic all the time through what I call “hyper-consciousness”. Satanic Ritual My rituals are divided into 9 phases: Preparation Opening/Invocation Description… Continue reading The Satanic Ritual

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New apartment. Vengeance.

So, I've finally moved to my new place. It's small, but I am alone and in a calm place. I couldn't ask for more. I finished moving all my stuff today, it was tiring, but I'm pretty happy about it. A Satanist, as any practitioner of a mostly solitary spirituality, knows how important it is… Continue reading New apartment. Vengeance.

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In depth explanation of my altar tools

Good evening all and welcome back again to the Daily Satanist. Tonight I wanted to share with you my latest altar configuration with all my tools neatly placed on it. I will also go in a more precise description of each element. Let's take a look at my latest altar: Here we can appreciate my… Continue reading In depth explanation of my altar tools

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Haures and Orobas, my Sword and Shield.

During tonight's ritual, I made a request upon the Demon Orobas and the Demoness Haures to become my protectors. Ororbas is a Demon that absorbs negative energy and protects from any form of hostility, while Haures destroys and obliterates anything that threatens me. I'm leaving the candles on overnight. I felt really strongly both of… Continue reading Haures and Orobas, my Sword and Shield.

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New element in my altar: Music / Sound + Can’t do witchcraft for a while.

It's some kind of gong I found in rather curious circumstances. I spent about an hour trying to polish it. As you might have noticed, I don't have any devotional object in my altar. It's a purely functional altar that serves me for rituals, spells, divitantion and witchcraft in general. I don't like having objects… Continue reading New element in my altar: Music / Sound + Can’t do witchcraft for a while.

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My Relationship with Demons/Gods

Contacting Demons and other otherworldly beings is part of most Satanists that practice witchcraft in a regular basis. And while some believe these demons are part of our own mind, me and the other polytheist Satanists believe they are in fact separate entities with their own personalities. The first demon I contacted was Raum. At… Continue reading My Relationship with Demons/Gods