The Satanic Ritual

Tonight, I will tell you how I perform satanic rituals. I will give you a detailed outline of a ritual, and also how to do a quick spell, and also how can you do magic all the time through what I call “hyper-consciousness”.


Satanic Ritual

My rituals are divided into 9 phases:

  • Preparation
  • Opening/Invocation
  • Description
  • Gathering the energy
  • Infusing the energy
  • Releasing/directing the energy
  • Cleansing of self and of the altar
  • Closing
  • “It is done”


This phase is crucial, since it will allow the ritual to unfold without unnecessary interruptions. At this stage it is best if you write down all you’re going to need during the ritual:

  • What items/objects/tools are you going to use? Put them in the altar beforehand.
  • Which entities and/or elements are you going to call upon? Prepare any sigils that are to be used.
  • What technique are you going to use in order to gather, infuse, and direct the energy? Try to use the same kind of technique for the three phases.
  • How do you plan to cleanse yourself and the altar from any energetic remains?
  • How are you going to close the ritual? Are you going to just thank the entities? Make an offering? Have everything ready at this phase so that the transitions between phases of the ritual are as smooth as possible.

During the preparation phase (which can take hours or even days before the actual ritual) you should be able to imagine the whole ritual from beginning to end as vivid as possible. Write down and memorize as much as you can of all you’re going to say, and be sure to fully understand the meaning of what you say. Be precise and concise with your words.


Now the ritual begins. Opening the ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle, or ringing a bell. You can also drink a sip from your chalice. You can just close your eyes while you take a deep breath. You just need to create a symbolic separation from the mundane world around you, so you are exclusively inside your sacred mental realm.

We reached the point of no return. Once you’ve opened the ritual, there is no turning back. Any interruption on your part from now on is a lack of respect towards your magic, the deities, entities and spirits involved, and it just takes power from you, since you get distracted and your frame of mind changes focus.

During this opening phase you will want to call upon the forces that will accompany you and aid you during the ritual. Personally I call upon my four main gods for all my rituals; I like them to watch over my workings. Sometimes they will “positively” intervene, or even directly share their wisdom over the subject.

You can also invoke or call upon specific entities or spirits in order to help you more directly with the matter at hand. You can use their sigil or just their name. You can just imagine the being in question, asking it (politely) to participate.

Now that you’ve gathered all the external forces that are going to work with you, you might as well tell them why the hell you brought them here!


The description of the ritual is something you should have written down during the preparation phase. It is a way of letting all the forces involved (and your subconscious as well) know the objective of your ritual, as well as how you’re going to proceed. It is important you enunciate how you are going to proceed (in simple terms) so the external forces have an easier time working with you. Treat all the forces you’ve invoked politely, as if they were really important guests. No need for a formal tone either, you just be causal-yet-respectful about it: “I’ve called upon you all to request assistance on your part for tonight’s ritual. I intend to get a new job, and your help would be infinitely appreciated, and invaluable for my success. I will gather the energy using meditation, then I will chant to infuse it with my intent, and finally I will release it by screaming the name of my potential employer at the top of my lungs!” Be clear on your terms.

Be precise with what you want, and with some luck the results will be equally precise. The more you do rituals and invest yourself in magic, the less dependent on luck the results will be.

During this part of the ritual I like to ask the involved demons and spirits, using a pendulum, if they agree to participate and aid during the ritual. If they don’t agree to the terms of the ritual, you can tell them they can leave if they so desire, but can stay to watch the rest of the ritual. In my experience, some demons will want to watch you do magic, so they can gauge your power and decide whether you are worthy of their aid, or if you really need it. Don’t hesitate to ask them for feedback once your ritual is over. A demon’s insight on your magic can be very valuable, but their word is not law. Continue doing your thing as you feel you should; just be open to try suggestions.

Gathering of energy:

There are countless ways to gather energy. In fact, the three stages of energy manipulation (gathering, infusing, and releasing) should happen one after the other without much interruption. You can use meditation, chanting, dancing, affirmations, masturbating, etc. to gather, then infuse, then release energy. In my experience, the more seamless the transition between the stages (without mixing them, the three stages have to be clearly defined) the more effective the energy used will be.

What you want to achieve is to concentrate in one spot (outside or inside you, depending on the objective) all of the energy you intend to use during the ritual. Use your own energy first, then gather energy from the elements, your surrounding air, the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, whatever you think fits. Then you can ask the spirits/demons/deities you called upon to lend you their strength or to simply add up their energy to the energy core you’ve created.

Infusing the energy:

In this stage you need to give that raw energy core a characteristic, a purpose, a “color”, so to speak. It can be emotions, such as joy, sadness, love, or senses like sight, hearing, or characteristics such as separation, binding, healing, and destruction, soothing, agitating. Just keep it as simple as you can. If you are a beginner, you might want to infuse the energy with a bit more precise characteristic. I’ll explain more in the next phase.

As I said, try your best to keep the transitions between the three stages of energy manipulation as seamless as possible.

Releasing/directing the energy:

This is probably the most important and delicate part of the whole ritual. Misdirecting the energy will not only render the whole spell completely useless, but it also may cause adverse effects. Imagine you have a gun, you load your bullet (gathering), you chose who you’re going to shoot (infusing) but then you shoot the wrong person (failed directing)! It can be catastrophic, especially if you’re somewhat experienced and have achieved good power. I recommend beginners to infuse their energy with more precise characteristics such as “love between X and me”, “destruction for Y” etc. to compensate for their skills at directing energy.

If you ever fail to direct the energy correctly: in some cases demons don’t mind if you restart the whole manipulation of energy phase. Some will find it annoying. Some will even take it as offense. Know your demons well if you work with them.


After you’ve directed the energy, the main part of the ritual is done. Now it is time to cleanse your altar and yourself from any energetic residue. You can clean your altar by casting away the energy remnants, or use a tool specifically designed to, burn an incense, etc. To clean yourself you can do a simple meditation using your breath to exhale the energy remnants inside you, or whatever works for you. Some magicians/witches/sorcerers don’t cleanse their altar, saying that they can use the residual energy for other workings. However I think it is harder to repurpose energy that has already been infused than to gather the same amount from scratch. Do as you please.


During the closing phase you thank all the external forces that helped you and you tell them they can now leave. Be polite and respectful when addressing demons and they will be polite and respectful to you, and more inclined to come help you later on.

Take out the candles, take another sip from the chalice, ring the bell, do anything that brings you back to the physical world.

“It is done”

And now, you have to acknowledge that your ritual worked and it is taken effect. You have to believe in the strength of your working, or you will get nothing.

It worked, now you can move on, or help the ritual’s purpose in the mundane world.

And that’s it.

Example of a ritual

An altar facing north stood in the middle of a room dimly lit by a single candle and the light of the moon that penetrated through one of the windows. On the altar several items were prepared, with an empty space in the middle except for an open blank notebook and the sigil of the demon Orobas.


A shadowy figure emerged from the darkness: a man wearing a black hooded robe. He stood before the altar and checked one last time if everything was ready.

“It is time to begin.”

As he muttered these words, he lit two other candles.

The sorcerer unsheathed the ritual dagger and pointed it to the west.

“I call upon thee, Beelzebub, may you watch over my ritual.”

Then he pointed the dagger to the south.

“I call upon thee, Astaroth, may you watch over my ritual.”

The sorcerer pointed the dagger to the east.

“I call upon thee, Azazel, may you watch over my ritual.”

Finally he pointed it to the north.

“I call upon thee, Satan, may you watch over my ritual.”

The sorcerer sheathed the dagger and put it in the place it was before. He took out the pendulum from its protective bag, and held it over Orobas’ sigil.

“Orobas, powerful demon, I invoke you tonight since your help would be immensely appreciated for the ritual I am about to perform. Do you accept my invitation?”

After a few seconds, the pendulum started moving back and forth. A slight smile formed on the man’s mouth.

“Very well.”

The sorcerer put the pendulum on top of the protective bag, not too far from the sigil. He took a step back from the altar.

“I have lived my life happily. I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted. I’ve been successful in my life. But some people that used to call me their friend now consider me a betrayer, for putting my own interests before their own. They were warned, on top of it. They knew me well, and even so they were surprised when I chose my happiness instead of theirs. What foolishness to react that way to something I was quite clear on. But now these people might represent a threat to me. A little help is always welcome. Therefore I call upon you to help me be able to defend myself against any spiritual, mental, or physical threat these people can attempt on me.”

The sorcerer held once again the pendulum over Orobas’ sigil.

“Do you accept to aid me on this ritual?”

Once again, the pendulum moved back and forth.

“Alright. I will meditate to gather the energy inside of me, and then Orobas will pour his energy in. I will then infuse the energy with the concept of invulnerability by vibrating the word. After that I shall cover myself with this energy releasing it as a protective barrier stuck to my skin.”

The sorcerer sat comfortably on a pillow and breathed deeply several times. Once he was relaxed and ready, he started meditating, concentrating energy on his chest. He visualized energy flowing from each corner of his body towards his chest. The energy moved in waves, synchronized with his breathing. Once he felt ready, he started chanting.

“In… vul… ne… ra… bi… li… ty…”

He did this for a few minutes, until he felt the energy inside him was completely in tune with the concept he had chosen.

The sorcerer then visualized the energy expanding outwards in waves and concentrating at the skin. He visualized the barrier forming on top of his skin, adhering to it. He did this until he felt all of the energy he had gathered was now adhered to his skin. He felt powerful, invincible.

Once he felt protected, he proceeded to cleanse the altar with incense, trying to make the smoke touch as many items as possible. He finally commanded all remaining energy to go away.

“Thank you all for participating. Beelzebub, Astaroth, Azazel, Satan, thank you for coming, your presence has been an honour, as it has always been. Thank you for aiding me during this ritual Orobas. I shall light a candle in your honour and let it burn entirely. It has been an honour to work with you. You may all leave at this time. The ritual is now complete.”

The sorcerer took out all of the candles, except one he left lit as an offering to Orobas.

The hooded man took a step away from the altar and said to himself:

“It is done. I am now invulnerable.”

Quick spell:

For just a quick spell in which only you are involved, you can skip all of the phases and go directly to the energy manipulation stage. Of course, since this kind of spell is more improvised, you are going to have a hard time getting in the right state of mind directly. However your sub-consciousness is always in the right state of mind. Therefore use heavily symbolical acts in order to stimulate your subconscious into doing its magic. For example you can tear the photo of a person you’d like to curse, and then burn the pieces. You can for instance take a drawing/photo of yourself and submerge it in a pot full of coins to attract money. Stuff like that. Your imagination as well as your belief in your own power are the only limits.


Hyperconsciousness is a state I can achieve, in which I can work magic in real time without any formality.

Through meditation, you should try to achieve a state in which your physical consciousness and your spiritual subconscious become a single thing. You can feel and perceive the physical world and the spiritual one at the same time with equivalent clarity. By doing this often you will progressively learn how to enter this state (even if only for a few instants) at will. Then you can try this in the real world! By entering hyperconsciousness at key instants during your day, you will be able to manipulate energies and influencing your surroundings so as to make your life significantly better. By my research I believe that entering hyperconsciousness at will might be the path to being a live God, in some way.


New apartment. Vengeance.

So, I’ve finally moved to my new place. It’s small, but I am alone and in a calm place. I couldn’t ask for more. I finished moving all my stuff today, it was tiring, but I’m pretty happy about it.

A Satanist, as any practitioner of a mostly solitary spirituality, knows how important it is to have a place for themselves… To have a “temple” so to speak. Some Satanists’ temples are their own body. For me, it is the case, but I also have my physical equivalent, which is my altar.

I did my first ritual a few minutes ago. It had two purposes: The first one was to cleanse, purify and consecrate the new altar, as well as the whole apartment. The second one was to get revenge, and destroy those who have been a bother to me in the past few months.


I made a ritual in which I gathered my own strength, and asked my four main deities (Satan, Beelzebub, Ashtaroth and Azazel) as well as the four elements, to aid me to gather and concentrate the destructive forces of the universe. Then I invoked Orobas and Haures (if you follow my blog you should know by now they are my two protector demons) and asked them to lend me their strength and services to destroy these people who have tried (and failed) to harm me. They will learn their lesson the hard way. One does not simply fuck with a Satanic sorcerer.
I’ve been doing sorcery for 7 years, and I have successfully harmed people through magic. I am powerful, and I have proven it to myself (and to my victims). I have cursed. I have demons and gods who support me in my rituals, I am becoming a god/demon myself.

If you chose to fuck with me, so be it, but be ready to face the consequences. Natural selection will do its thing after all.

For the ritual I summoned forth the forces of my main deities, as well as the elements, and invoked into my own body the spirits Orobas and Haures. They have both previously helped me get rid and get revenge on my enemies. I lit two candles for each and one fifth candle as a thanks for answering the call.

I then wrote on a piece of paper, the fate I wanted for the individuals concerned. I wrote in capitals and in bold the keywords of their upcoming suffering. At the back of this paper I wrote my petition to Orobas and Haures, writing their names, and writing the petition to help me carry out the fate inscribed on the paper. I then folded the paper many times, and stabbed it with my dagger (which represents the element of Fire). I then proceeded to slowly burn the paper with the offering candle, using the mortar (which represents Earth) as a support for the ashes. All while slightly meditating and concentrating my energy and forces into the paper, in order to strengthen the intention of the words.

I then closed the ritual, dispelled all the negative energies from my sacred space, and told the participating entities that they could now go, thanking them in the process.

I left the offering candle lit, and it will remain like that until it is entirely consumed.

This is the aftermath of the ritual.


In depth explanation of my altar tools

Good evening all and welcome back again to the Daily Satanist. Tonight I wanted to share with you my latest altar configuration with all my tools neatly placed on it. I will also go in a more precise description of each element.

Let’s take a look at my latest altar:


Here we can appreciate my entire altar with all my ritual tools and elements on it. You might have noticed I have somewhat of a symmetrical disposition of the elements. My altar is divided into three main areas:


Here at the right side you can find my elemental tools. Working with the elements is a very important part of my sorcery practice.

The gong at the top represents air, it is through air that vibrations are carried, sound is force traveling through air, much like magic is our will traveling in the form of energy through the fibres of the universe.

The chalice represents water. Fluidity is a characteristic of a healthy mind. Adapting our thoughts to circumstances and situations allow us to react more efficiently to problems.

The mortar and pestle represent earth. It represents where all things physical converge and mix, hence the analogy with “grounding” with the pestle. As with metal alloys, the action of mixing certain elements to create something stable and resilient is a characteristic of the earth element.

The dagger with a burnt blade represents fire. I associate fire with energy rather than heat, so fire to me represents the flame that fuels the Will into accomplishing its desires. It is the ultimate transforming force.

The three stones represent the spirit: the quartz representative of the All, the onyx representative of the Void/Nothingness, and the Lapis Lazuli representative of my soul.


The candles represent Light and Heat. They represent Knowledge and learning new things.
Frostmourne, the blade on the photo, represents Darkness and Cold. It also represents Wisdom and experiencing new things.


This is the divination area of my altar. It contains the pendulum and tarot cards.

The pendulum is useful and practical to contact spirits, demons, and Gods, provided I am already familiar with the spirit or have some sort of symbol that represents it. Note I have presented the pendulum in an Ouroboros position. This is only for esthetic reasons.

Tarot cards are an useful guidance for making choices, and knowing the possible outcome of our actions, in order to be able to change our course of action to avoid things from happening. The future isn’t written, and that is why knowing possible futures is useful. I chose The Devil as top card for esthetic reasons as well.


Finally these are the remaining elements of my altar: A figure of a fallen angel and a couple of sigils.

These sigils correspond to Orobas and Haures, two demons with whom I created an alliance. Orobas has agreed on defending me from attacks, may they be physical, mental, psychological or spiritual. Haures has agreed to destroy and obliterate anything that poses a threat to my integrity, or projects. For courtesy, and to develop a personal relationship with them, I invite them to participate in my rituals and meditations. My mind and soul is completely open to them.

Now in recent weeks I’ve been able to sign a contract with a Succubus. While communicating with her, she refused to give me her name, but she did accept to being represented by the figurine. My Succubus is also invited to attend my rituals and meditations. She accompanies me during the day sometimes as well.

And that’s all for my altar! If you want to share yours, don’t hesitate to post a link. I’d also love to see other posts regarding your altar configuration or projects!

P.S.: In recent elemental meditations I’ve seen a unique reactivity between the elements of Water, Air and Darkness, they seem to create what I call “Dark Blizzard” when fused together. The destructive power in this particulat mix of elements is amazing, and deserves further experimentation to unveil its potential. I’m going to start experimenting as well with other elemental fusions, but this one happened naturally, as if I was influenced to discover it.

Haures and Orobas, my Sword and Shield.

During tonight’s ritual, I made a request upon the Demon Orobas and the Demoness Haures to become my protectors. Ororbas is a Demon that absorbs negative energy and protects from any form of hostility, while Haures destroys and obliterates anything that threatens me.

In the table I used as a ritual altar are present all the tools used during the ritual.

In the table I used as a ritual altar are present all the tools used during the ritual.

I’m leaving the candles on overnight.

I felt really strongly both of their presences. Their energy came in waves and it was almost overwhelming at times. Usually Satan, Beelzebub, Ashtaroth and Azazel are only partially present, just enough to make me aware of their presence. This was not the case for Orobas and Haures, who were probably fully present during most of the ritual. I felt their immense power and unique energy signatures.

New element in my altar: Music / Sound + Can’t do witchcraft for a while.


It’s some kind of gong I found in rather curious circumstances. I spent about an hour trying to polish it.

As you might have noticed, I don’t have any devotional object in my altar. It’s a purely functional altar that serves me for rituals, spells, divitantion and witchcraft in general. I don’t like having objects thst represent my Gods, unless the object can serve as a functional tool during practice (sigils, seals or self made pictures for visualisation).

It’s been a good while since I last did a ritual. I just can’t get in the right state of mind with my father in the house. He is draining. He expells an aura of negativity, preconceptions, shame. I pity the poor man. He lost it all, and it’s mostly not entirely his fault. He is old and alone even though we live together. I would like him to be happier, but I have trouble piercing that thick depressive skull of his.
But his negativity prevents me from practicing witchcraft and energy work or even meditation. The only moments I can do these things in peace it’s when he’s not in the apartment. And that doesn’t happen often.

I still haven’t been able to plan out my new pact with Satan and my other Gods. (and hoping they will agree with the new terms of our alliance). Work,  and my father are draining me way too much of my mental, physical, and spiritual energy.

Response to Lady Beltane’s e-mail.


I was in a Satanic coven in the late 1970’s when I was 19 and all forms of Witchcraft were very different then they are today. So I was not just claiming to be in one I WAS IN ONE. Yes the over all other things Satanist are out for self satisfaction, to be a rebel to be a loner. But whether you want to think so or not there are still Satanic covens today. Yes most of them come together and practice the dark arts of The Craft which can make them dangerous. This is the reason I left the coven as I would rather walk in the light then try to find my way in darkness. Stereotyping of Satanist is left over from my time as a teen and what the word represented-Covens doing dark Magick. Which is not right. I hope your blog goes along way to educating people on what Satanism is in the 21st century. I would have put this all in a comment on your blog but saw no place to make comments so feel free to quote me if you’d like.

Peace, Love and Blessings,

Lady Beltane
First of all, sorry for the late answer!
It’s not that I do not believe you. It’s just that any claim made without proof stays a claim. Since you were in a Satanic coven during the late seventies I’m going to assume (correct me if I’m wrong) you were in a LaVeyan Satanist coven. Theistic Satanists are not necessarily loners. But our spiritual practice is deeply personal and our relationships with our Gods/Demons are individual.
Indeed things have changed in today’s Satanism for both good and bad. But you are you to decide what is right or wrong? Magic has to be practised in both sides and everything that’s in between. In fact I don’t believe there are sides to magic. Magic is more complex than it seems. Magic isn’t good or bad, right or wrong, dark or light. Magic is just that: an essence of pure energy. It’s up to us to decide how we use it and for what end.
Satanism today is a quest for many things: Power, control, but also love, enlightenment and understanding. And we do not hesitate to use any form of magic or even everyday actions to reach our goals. But most certainly Satanism has become truer to its egocentric nature, therefore modern practitioners can gather to practice witchcraft, but not Satanism.
War, Hate, and Curses (lol)

My Relationship with Demons/Gods

Contacting Demons and other otherworldly beings is part of most Satanists that practice witchcraft in a regular basis. And while some believe these demons are part of our own mind, me and the other polytheist Satanists believe they are in fact separate entities with their own personalities.

The first demon I contacted was Raum. At first I used a pendulum over his sigil to allow him to take control of the pendulum. It worked pretty well. After a while, I started to use the pendulum as simply a bridge between our thoughts, so we could communicate through indirect telepathy. Raum is the only Demon I’ve seen physically. He appeared before me as a short man. Light skin, deep black hair. He wore a ram’s skull over his head (he seemed able to pull it down and it would be a mask, but I’m not so sure). he had wings with black and white feathers, much like a zebra’s skin. Raum doesn’t speak with a voice. I receive his thoughts directly. I know what he means without using the language system. He communicates through ideas. I consider Raum as a friend.

When Azazel came to me during my dream, he appeared as a silhouette made of light and music. I could see the music emanating from him. He talked with a slow, soft yet firm voice. His word choice was eloquent as well. After that, Azazel no longer appeared physically to me, but his presence and voice remain the same. Azazel for me is like a mentor. I come to him when I need help with my music, or just artistic introspection in general.

Volac is another demon I contacted once. He appeared before me as man riding a huge golden dragon with 2 heads. I treated him with respect and courtesy. He never replied, never talked. After my request was over and I thanked him, he flew away. In the end he doesn’t seem to have taken any action. Maybe he didn’t like me or my request, maybe I offended him in some way.

Ashtaroth answered my call only once or twice. I just remember her presence, and as Raum, communicates with ideas.

I have only contacted Beelzebub once. He is a very nice God, always trying to impart knowledge. He communicates by talking, but can also transmit ideas, images, thoughts, etc. He is very wise and would like everyone to be as wise as him.

The only time I felt Satan’s presence was when I did my dedication ritual. Red mist, powerful presence. I felt his power, and it was very intense. Satan for me is like a goal. Someone I want to become one day. A master of myself and my surroundings. Ruler of my own fate.

Some people love their gods. It is not the case for me. I don’t feel this love everyone feels for their gods. But I sure as hell admire them a lot. I have the soul of a God, and I intend to make my life here in Earth worthy of the soul I bear. Deep inside I am like them.