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The Satanist Daily.

This is a response of my friend and fellow LHPer, Aleph, who posted My place in the Satanic zeitgeist a few weeks back. Lately, through certain social media groups and exposition to forums and such, I've now gotten a better understanding of what "Satanism" means to other Satanists beside myself. I've now just realized how secluded and individual… Continue reading The Satanist Daily.

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Betrayed in love.

Once again I find myself disappointed by love. For one whole month I was lied to. For one whole month they made me believe we were onto something special. What a fool I was. Again. Hope really is a dangerous thing. It is my fault though. I went completely against my past convictions: I had… Continue reading Betrayed in love.

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Satanic Obsession.

I'm becoming more and more obsessed with being an adversary, an opposer. The Satan inside me pushes me to constantly question and contradict everything. I cannot read something without thinking "well that might not be true". This is both positive and negative: The positive: Being often faced with opportunities to oppose something that is preconceived… Continue reading Satanic Obsession.

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Nature: A compilation of thoughts.

In my experience, both pagans and non-pagans have a "green" perception of nature. Nature for them means green fields or forests, full of local flora and fauna. Some say it's the force behind all that is alive (generally this answer comes from people who believe most things are alive... I think they're called Animists? Correct… Continue reading Nature: A compilation of thoughts.