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My Birthday

Today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me! I'll feast, drink, and have sex. Damn right I will.

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The Satanist Daily.

This is a response of my friend and fellow LHPer, Aleph, who posted My place in the Satanic zeitgeist a few weeks back. Lately, through certain social media groups and exposition to forums and such, I've now gotten a better understanding of what "Satanism" means to other Satanists beside myself. I've now just realized how secluded and individual… Continue reading The Satanist Daily.

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They think I’m an Atheist!

They think I'm an Atheist! I "came out of the broom closet" recently, and changed some things on social networks, not to announce, but just to put the truth in the description thingies. There wasn't any reaction to it, thankfully. Then I started being more open and voiced more my opinions on certain subjects in… Continue reading They think I’m an Atheist!