Celebrating Nature: a few photos.

I like Spring. It’s colorful and pretty. I go on a photo rampage around this time of the year. Enjoy.


The EU against freedom of expression.

The European Comission now will decide what you read and write on social media. 

Several social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Google abd even YouTube) signed the Code of Conduct of The European Union in which they are forced to take down any post, message or video deemed by the European Comission to incite violence and/or hate 24h after it is posted.

So now being politically correct is law. Congratulations! The European Union is now a totalitarian state! Everything  you write or read on the Web has to be approved by a bunch of politically correct bureaucrats. Saying “I hate blacks” is illegal but “I hate whites” is totally fine, since it is against a vast majority of people. 

Are you ready to enter the land of Care Bears?! Where everything is love and understanding and giggles and censorship and fear of saying the wrong thing? Don’t worry, you’ll never be offended ever again, because in the European Union of Care Bears (c) whoever dares scrape your opinion will suffer the wrath of the PC gods.

God bless the European Union, and may it prosper forever and ever under the rule of the Bureaucrat Gods.

(Fuck this shit, I’ve had enough)

Fellow Americans. Vote Trump. (Or anyone else than Hillary)

Tomorrow is going to be a Historical day in the world. Day in which perhaps political correctness and overall political hypocrisy might take a good punch in the face. 

I don’t know much about American Politics, other than your “democratic” system of election is bollocks and the two party system is the most anti-democratic bullshit ever. 

And that’s why you need Trump. 

You see. Electing Trump will do two wonderful things: One is getting that anti-freedom and pro uncontrolled immigration  Hillary out of the way, and secondly it will make A LOT of people, including rich and poweful people around the world, to question America’s Democracy. And that’s the only hope you have of changing that messy system of yours. 

Hillary represents political correctness, hypocrisy, under-the-table politics, SJW and identity politics, and other political bullshit. She promotes controlled and censored speech and positive discrimination. 

Trump represents free speech. Protection of the private life, anti political bullshit. And he’s clear and honest about what he wants. He wants to be even more rich and powerful than he already is. And as a president of an already developped country which follows the rules of international consensus (which he will not be able to break), the only thing that can make him grow is making the country grow. (If he doesnt know this already, he will find out pretty soon).
He is far from being a good candidate, but he sure is the best bet at triggering a change in international politics.

The Satanist is never a victim.

Jacob McKelvy. Haha.

What a funny little anecdote. 

Thought the Greater Church of Lucifer is not affiliated with any Satanic current, and my knowledge of Luciferianism is quite limited, I can only say that I find the whole situation worth a giggle. 

Long story short, Mr. McKelvy was a GCOL leader, he then was found out to steal from the organisation’s resources and kicked out. He then resurfaced as a born again Christian and is probably using that to commit fraud elsewhere.

For me, his actions were completely Satanic. He wanted money, he got it, when he could no longer get it, he just went to another source.

One of the most literal fundamental principles of the LHP is that the individual uses the group to attain its goals (as opposed to the group using the individual as a puppet for their system, like in the RHP). I feel rather disappointed that this needs to happen in order to remind some LHPers some fundamental rules of life: Trust no one other than yourself and if you are fucked over, you were either weak or you let them do it. 

People are assholes, and that’s human nature, to get what we want any way we can.

GCOL members or sympathisers, I invite you to reflect on this question: Is the organisation serving you? Or are you serving the organisation?

If you feel like a victim, you might want to reconsider being part of the LHP. This is the path of the strong. Of those who survive and prevail. Not those who are duped by some born again pseudo Luciferian. 

Balance and movement.

There is a certain connotation of immobility to the concept of Balance. When we say someone is balanced we are struck with an image of perfect equilibrium, of a sphere perfectly balanced atop a needle.

For me, this characteristic is anti-satanic. 

The Satanist is in an eternal state of oscillation. He changes and adapts, he moves and relocates himself in order to adapt to the never ending chaos that is existence. Balance only works in a balanced world. Alas, our world isn’t. 

Our world is ever changing. It moves chaotically and erratically according to an infinity of variables, well beyond our measurement. And since we cannot predict the changes of our world, the best we can do is become masters of our oscillation. The laws of nature proved to us that it is the creature that adapts the fastest and best to its ever-changing environment, that lives the longest and survives to further evolve.

The Satanist should strive to be that perfect being of nature. Unfazed by the chaos around him, he should swiftly adapt to its new environment, and make it his once again, until nature tests him once again.

Satanists are oscillators, not balancists. 

A poem to satan.

Thou Art – http://wp.me/p2VbjO-1tw

Check out this poem to Satan by a friend of mine and fellow Satanist/Luciferian! 

I liked it a lot, and I’m sure you will find it delightful as I did.

Haram Month 2: Art and Tattoos. 

As part of the Haram month I want to talk about something that is very relevant to me and to the West.

Most forms of art are forbidden in Islam. Calligraphy and non-figurative art are allowed, but figurative art (in which sentient beings are represented) is strictly forbidden. Some figurative Islamic art is found in countries that were converted to Islam but don’t speak Arabic (notably in Persia). I guess that’s because they didn’t have full access to the hadiths. Anyway, it is proscribed to create figurative art. This alone is unacceptable. Prohibiting certain forms of art leads to a hindered freedom of expression. And also hinders the creativity of the artist, as figurative art is about 70% of western graphical art.

Music is also prohibited, as Muhammad (curses be upon him*) despised musical instruments. I think certain religious chants are allowed but that’s about it. No secular music, no music instruments. I am a musician and really I can’t imagine what a world without music would be like. It is of my understanding that according to Islam and the hadiths musical instruments are a tool of the Shaytan and should be destroyed.

In a similar manner, tattoos and body modifications are strictly forbidden, as it is modifying “Allah’s (may he be cursed*) creation” and thus defying him. As a matter of coincidence, I got my tattoo done yesterday, depicting the goetic symbols of my four main deities: Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth and Azazel.


From top to bottom: Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth and Azazel.

I am incredibly happy with the result and now going to take care of it so the healing process goes well. For the record, Satan’s sigil was the most painful one to make, I could feel Satan infusing his essence unto my tattoo as it was getting done, and after it was done, it was the only one of the symbols who did not hurt afterwards, and is healing much faster than the rest. What more haram than getting a tattoo of Satan?

For the general muslim if you have done or possess figurative art, hear or compose non islamic music, or have done or got a tattoo/piercing done, congratulations, you are a sinner and should be punished! In most cases Islam prescribes death, but hey, if you’re lucky maybe you will only get your arm (where the tattoo is) cut, or if they go easy on you, a few hundred whip strikes. And without ny doubt, damnation on judgement day! Curses be upon Allah and his cursed prophet Muhmmad!

*In all pro-islam sites, when Muhammad or any of his acolytes are mentioned, follows a parenthesis like “(blessings be upon him)” and stuff like that. I’d guess I’d make a parody of it.