Cold Litha.

Litha used to be a great moment of the year for me. The start of summer, of Hard Rock and Metal festivals, vacations, beautiful people walking around scantily clad under the sun. The feeling of that warm breeze against my face. I have none of that this year. I feel broken, cold, frigid. My heart… Continue reading Cold Litha.


Yet again. (cry for help)

Once again I find myself depressed, obliterated, broken by love (or rather the lack off). How am I supposed to feel like a Satanist when all I feel is the desolation of not being with that person. How am I supposed to even consider myself a Satanist when I feel so dependent of her. I… Continue reading Yet again. (cry for help)


In what ways are we Pagans?

My thoughts exactly. Too bad I am unable to describe them as eloquently.

Summer Thunder

The important thing in a religion or spirituality is, well spirituality. The official criteria are really insignificant compared to the sincere personal reality of the adherent, and their relationship with their religion, faith or practice. I agree with RJ Womack’s assertion that Satanism is essentially a form of Paganism, and I’m going to try to explain why.

Needless to say this is my view and experience of my spirituality, which is developing for me all the time. I have always been most interested in personal religion. It’s that which gave stability and integrity, and the preservation of value. In that sense I am quite religiously conservative, but unconventional. I am a secularist because it both ensures religious freedom (and freedom from any single religion), and protects spirituality from the contamination of politics. But to embark on the subject of this post:

I feel we are most essentially polytheists or spiritists…

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Personal Belief, Satanism

Strength in individuality.

An individual is strong, independent, but knows how to cooperate. Solid, inert like a mountain but fluid and adaptable like the river that flows down. His Will is the only thing that can command his movement or immobility. The individual calculates his actions, observing causes and consequences and choosing, objectively or arbitrarily, the course of… Continue reading Strength in individuality.